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About The Sanctuary Team

Sanctuary Marketing Group consists of a wide variety of individuals that have decades of experience that extend back to the early years of the internet. Through our talents, diverse experience, partnerships and passion we currently support 100+ clients worldwide. Everyone from individuals to large corporations, online merchants, brick and mortar stores and everyone in-between.

Chris Auman
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown
CEO / Results Evangelist
Kelly, has 20+ years of experience leading entrepreneurial organizations. Kelly joined Sanctuary Marketing Group after serving 10 years as the Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director of Communication Resources, Inc., a Canton, Ohio-based publisher serving the church market for over 38 years. Read More.
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Julie Mamula
Shelly Ossa
Rick Grisak
Rich Grisak
Director of Research & Auditing / Fan of The Mouse
Rich’s varied educational and career experiences have made him a whiz when it comes to developing a marketing strategy for organizations of any size, location, industry, and need. He has years of experience in online marketing, specializing in search engine optimization, and is never intimidated by Google’s oft-changing algorithms. Read more.
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Tom Murphy
Lauren Zils
Lauren Zils
Digital Marketing Strategist / Lover of Ketchup
Lauren is a marketing strategist at Sanctuary, with over 10 years of marketing strategy experience. Lauren would say, if the amount of love you have for your work were equivalent to your height in inches, she would be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest woman.  Read more.
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Jackie Baker
Jackie Baker
Digital Marketing Strategist / Equestrian Extraordinaire
Jackie is an internet marketing strategist who embodies the notion of complete client services. Her unique ability to see both the forest and the trees makes her an expert at designing targeted, holistic campaigns while being detailed enough to get the smallest of tasks done right.  Read more.
(330) 936-5414
Cortney Fisher
Jude Anderson
Kate Falconer
Kevin Stalder
Brent Ransom
Mike Schut
Adam Morgan
Jason Brueckner
Morgan Staples
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