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The Academy is where you'll get the tools, tips and advice to grow your business.

The goal of The Academy is to help companies grow and thrive through education. We’re sharing the knowledge and experience of our specialized team, and exploring the successes of industry marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders.

The Academy began as a humble company blog and is evolving to include all forms of content on a wide variety of topics related to growing a successful business. Topics center around marketing, sales and operations and will include a vast array of articles, news, podcasts, videos, downloads, webinars, an email newsletter and much more to come in the future—all in one easy-to-use, searchable portal.

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An Inbound Marketing Foundation

The foundation of The Academy is a belief in The Inbound Methodology. In summary, Inbound is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While an outbound approach interrupts your audience with content they usually don’t want or doesn’t relate to them, an inbound approach forms connections they are looking for and solves problems they already have.

The inbound methodology can be applied to your marketing, sales and even your operations to “turn your company’s flywheel” and grow your business.

Learning to Turn Your Flywheel

The flywheel is a business model that illustrates the momentum your organization can gain by prioritizing and delivering exceptional customer experience. When you align your marketing, sales and operations to acquire and retain customers, this effort builds momentum and reduces friction on your flywheel. Eventually, as you apply more of the right forces on your flywheel and continually reduce friction, it will spin faster and faster until it begins to spin on its own without additional forces.

The Academy is a Service of Sanctuary—A Digital Marketing Group

Sanctuary, a digital marketing agency based in North Canton, Ohio, helps companies grow their businesses by developing and executing end-to-end marketing strategies. We specialize in helping businesses grow using the Inbound methodology, pinpointing your key audiences and tailoring messages to their pain points and needs. We believe in partnering with purpose to create and execute powerful digital marketing strategies accountable to measurable results.

We partner with you to build custom websites and use marketing tactics such as search marketing, social media and email to drive leads and sales for your business. Our team comprises highly experienced and creative specialists in a range of digital marketing disciplines, from marketing strategy and execution, to content creation, to social media marketing—and much more.

We’ve been guiding passionate, thriving businesses like yours that serve owners, employees and communities since 2006.

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