2024 Digital Marketing Strategy Scorecard

Will Your 2024 Digital Marketing Strategy Return the Revenue Growth You Need?

Your 2024 digital marketing strategy can’t afford not to invest in inbound marketing. Discover the opportunity cost you’re missing with this 10-question Inbound Marketing Scorecard for your business.

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Read These Game-Changing Inbound Marketing Statistics

Inbound leads acquired after five months of consistent inbound marketing are 80% less expensive than outbound leads.

Inbound Marketing costs $14 less than traditional marketing for each newly acquired customer.

Content marketing can save you up to 62% more and bring three times more leads compared to traditional marketing.

Learn What Inbound Marketing Is and Why It’s Critical in 2024 

Inbound marketing attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don't always want, inbound marketing attracts customers by forming connections they are looking for and solving problems they already have.

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