Tom Murphy

Director of Business Development

Tom Murphy is the Director of Business Development at Sanctuary, resident style guru and the office clown. Tom was the very first full-time hire and has climbed the ladder here at Sanctuary. With great success in sales, he flourished into our one and only project manager, then into a full-fledged marketing strategist, and now into our Director of Business Development. Tom enjoys uncovering the specific needs of a company and finding unique solutions to help them grow.

Tom has been successful in managing and producing strategies for hundreds of clients over the years here at Sanctuary. His people-pleasing and perfectionist personality spills over into the work he does for his clients.

Besides work, he actually does have a life at home. Tom’s wife, Janelle, daughter Ella, and son, Camden, are what keeps him centered. He loves to watch and play sports and enjoys a wide variety of movies (comedies of course).

Strengths: Communication | Woo | Competition | Activator | Adaptability
Education: Kent State University - BA Public Communication, Minor in Marketing
Fun Facts: Practical. Witty. Stuntman.
Fave Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Connect with Tom: 330-266-1188

HubSpot Partner
Tom Murphy Solutions Partner Certified
HubSpot Partner
Tom Murphy Sales Software Certified
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Tom Murphy Inbound Certified
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Tom Murphy Guided Client Onboarding Certified

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