Emily Snyder

Digital Specialist

As a Digital Specialist, Emily loves working with our team to execute marketing strategies for our clients. She enjoys working on the more technical side of a variety of projects to help clients meet their goals, whether it's building an email, developing a new page on a website or creating ads and content on social media. Emily thrives in a team while collaborating on projects together to make sure everything gets done in an excellent, timely manner.

Before joining the staff at Sanctuary, Emily graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Communication Studies and Marketing. She began her career at Maranatha Bible Church, assisting their team for five years with many administrative and marketing needs, including website management, graphic design and marketing.

When she’s not at work, Emily loves to spend her time with friends and family, including her two adorable nephews. You can often find her at a coffee shop, playing ultimate frisbee, or spending time outside. She also loves to travel with friends and says some of her best memories have come from their vacations together.

Strengths: Includer | Learner | Communication | Achiever | Arranger
Education: Kent State University - BA Applied Communication
Fun Facts: Identical Twin. Ultimate Frisbee Player. Beach Aficionado.
Fave Quote: "As long as you've got passion, faith, and are willing to work hard, you can do anything in this world."


Connect with Emily: 330-266-1188

HubSpot Partner
Emily Snyder Inbound Certified
HubSpot Partner
Emily Snyder Inbound Marketing Certified

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