Podcast - Annual Planning - Part 1 - lrg

Podcast Ep. #53 – Our process for annual business planning (Part 1)

Today on the Academy I thought we could spend some time talking about yearly planning since we’re approaching the end of the year. If you…

Podcast - 80-20-RULE

Podcast Ep. #52 – Essentialism and the 80/20 rule in business and life

Today on the Academy we're going to do another segment that's quick and direct, but hopefully helpful to those who are working hard to start,…


Podcast Ep. #51 – What is positioning, why it’s important, and how it can grow your business

Today on the Academy we’re starting season #2 of our podcast with a series around an important, but misunderstood and undervalued concept: positioning. If you're…

Podcast - podcasting-advice-after-50-episodes-lrg

Podcast Ep. #50 – Podcasting advice after 50 episodes

If you need advice to get started with podcasting and take the first steps, or you need motivation and tips to keep going beyond your…

Podcast - trust-workplace

Podcast Ep. #49 – The Alarming State of Trust Erosion, and What To Do About It

It’s blatantly obvious to say that trust is important. The alternative is simply distrust and nobody wants that. But building and sustaining trust can be…

Podcast - Social media how to win friends and influence people

Podcast Episode 48 – Everything I learned about social media growth, I learned from a book published in 1936

I’m sure you’ll be expecting me to unload a lot of specific tactical advice around “how” to do this. But today I’m going to focus on…

Podcast - hiring using digital marketing

Podcast Episode 47 – Your playbook for hiring using digital marketing

Today on the Academy we’re going to be listening in on a recent community training event that we put on at Sanctuary that was led…

Podcast - staying motivated and silencing critics - lrg

Podcast Episode 46 – Rise Above. Advice from “King James” on how to stay motivated and silence your critics.

Today I thought I'd take a different approach to the podcast and take a minor, but important detour and talk about motivation. Here's the full…

Podcast - Customer journey mapping

Podcast Episode 45 – How customer journey mapping can increase sales

Today on the Academy I wanted to talk about how to close more sales. Sounds like a great topic right? I mean, who doesn't want…


Podcast Episode 44 – How your relationship-building type can bolster or derail your effectiveness

For most people and businesses, relationships are at the heart of what makes them happy AND successful. As a business owner, I know firsthand how…

Podcast-Matt Bailey-SiteLogic - lrg

Podcast Episode 43 – An interview with Matt Bailey – Entrepreneur, Marketer, Author, Speaker, Educator

Today on the Academy I'm going to be having a wide-ranging conversation with Matt Bailey from SiteLogic. Matt is an industry-leading marketer, educator, speaker, author,…

42-Defining your company's purpose

Podcast Episode 42 – Why defining your company purpose can be a game changer

Today on the Academy I wanted to talk about goals and purpose as it relates to starting and running a business. For many people, goals…

Podcast - why inbound marketing is better - lrg

Podcast Episode 41 – How inbound marketing can be different, and more effective, than traditional marketing

Today on the Academy I wanted to talk about Inbound marketing. If you've never heard of inbound marketing, check out episodes  #30 and #17 for…

Podcast - Built to last book summary - feature

Podcast Episode 40 – How to create a company that is Built To Last (Part 2)

Today on the Academy I wanted to talk again about how to build a lasting company. I'll do this by walking you through the 12…

Summary of book Built To Last

Podcast Episode 39 – How to create a company that is Built To Last (Part 1)

Today on the Academy we'll be talking about how to build a lasting company. I'll do this by walking you through the 12 "myths" that…