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Podcast - Annual Planning - Part 1 - lrg

Podcast Ep. #53 – Our process for annual business planning (Part 1)

Today on the Academy I thought we could spend some time talking about yearly planning since we’re approaching the end of the year. If you…

The Academy - Newsletter041822

Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 11-27-22

In addition to your email list, the data you have on hand from your existing customers (i.e. purchase history) is a gold mine of information…

Podcast - 80-20-RULE

Podcast Ep. #52 – Essentialism and the 80/20 rule in business and life

Today on the Academy we're going to do another segment that's quick and direct, but hopefully helpful to those who are working hard to start,…

Short form video content

Short-Form Video Content Creation Ideas

It’s not breaking news that short-form video has taken over social media platforms. If you spend any time on social media for personal or professional…

Website success landing page conversion rates

How to Improve Conversion Rates on a Promotional Landing Page

Conversions are the ultimate goal of most ad campaigns. Unless you are running ads purely for brand exposure and nothing else, (which is typically a…

Nuturing with email

How to Nurture Your Top Spending Customers via Email

The power of email marketing is no secret. If you have made it anywhere at all conducting business online, you’ve likely tapped into the potential…


Podcast Ep. #51 – What is positioning, why it’s important, and how it can grow your business

Today on the Academy we’re starting season #2 of our podcast with a series around an important, but misunderstood and undervalued concept: positioning. If you're…

The Academy - Newsletter041822

Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 11-13-22

Different categories of colors drive human emotions in a specific direction, often on a subconscious level. This is why, if you pay close attention, you’ll…

Advertising Success with Google Display Ads

How to Be Successful with Google Display Ads

Google display ads represent one of the biggest opportunities on the web to put your products and services in front of a massive audience. With…

Color Psychology and Your Website

Color Psychology and Your Website

When building or redesigning a website, there are seemingly endless decisions to be made. From the layout of the pages to the content that you…


How to improve communication when hiring

Staying top of mind during the hiring process and even post-interview is extremely important to successfully hire great people these days. Approach communication with a…

Podcast - podcasting-advice-after-50-episodes-lrg

Podcast Ep. #50 – Podcasting advice after 50 episodes

If you need advice to get started with podcasting and take the first steps, or you need motivation and tips to keep going beyond your…

Click Through Rates

Click-Through Rates: Benchmarks + How to Increase CTR

For a digital marketer, click-through rate is one of the fundamental metrics that will be used in many different applications. It’s hard to talk about…

The Academy - Inbound Newsletter51722

Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 10-30-22

Has hiring been a challenge for you? Applicants just aren’t at the same skill level to meet the needs of most companies. 87% of companies…


The benefits of working with a professional marketing strategist

What can a professional marketing strategist do to help you grow your company? Listen to Lauren explain why she loves her role, how she helps…


SEO Fundamentals Guide: How to Get Found Online

This white paper will introduce you to the SEO fundamentals you should be implementing to take your website to the next level and ultimately get found online by potential customers.