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Our Values


Sanctuary: n.(sank-choo-air-ee) A place of refuge or asylum. A sheltered, protected place removed from the harsh realities of the world. A creative escape. A place where you can feel safe and work without anxiety, worry or fear of failure. A person you trust. A place to call home...


We promise a SANCTUARY to grow your business.


Our values are a critical part of our culture and our success. Below is a full listing of the values and beliefs that guide our business.

1. We are Sanctuary

We strive to do work, and work with people, we enjoy. We only take on work where we can truly make an impact. We celebrate our strengths and successes, and embrace our weaknesses and failures, together. We value health and family and believe that it will ultimately benefit our team and our company. We passionately embrace our values to ensure that we ARE SANCTUARY for our clients, our team and us as individuals.

2. We Return Results

We know that our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses. We pursue our clients’ goals as if they were our own. We are passionate about returning great value to our clients. We demonstrate our value by consistently presenting factual data. We believe that efficiency and eliminating waste are the keys to returning maximum value.

3. Always Be Honorable

We do the ‘right thing’ because our integrity is paramount. We’re transparent and share information openly and proactively. We’re responsible for our individual decisions. We’re humble and admit what we don’t know. We’re honest to a fault.

4. Strive for Excellence

What we do, we do well. We always strive to go beyond the status quo. We can always be relied upon. We are empowered to ‘plus’ the client experience. We believe that if you expect excellence, you’ll get it.

5. Use Sage Judgement

We make wise, well thought-out decisions. We approach our work by executing trusted, repeatable processes. We think strategically and can articulate what we need to succeed. We are ‘ok’ with failing knowing that we’ll ultimately learn and improve. We believe that ‘simple is good’ and simplicity is the soul of efficiency.

6. Be Curious

We believe that great ideas come from curiosity. We are always learning. We are broadly knowledgeable. We strive to think outside the box. We question everything.

7. Be Selfless

We trust that this is “our” work. Not “my” work. We collaborate and we leverage collective genius. We are egoless when seeking what is best for our clients and our team. We make time to help our clients and team members whenever possible. We are quick to admit mistakes.

8. Innovate

We are forward thinking. We challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches. We believe that we are all intensely creative. We are ‘ok’ with change because it leads to innovation and improvement. We seek excellence through process and continual improvement.

9. Have Boundless Courage

We take smart risks. We strive for candor and directness with everyone. We say what we think even if it’s controversial. We avoid planning-paralysis and aren’t afraid to ‘quit talking and begin doing.’ We fiercely challenge ideas and actions inconsistent with our values.



The meaning in the mark

In its simplest form, our logo mark is a circle. The simple mark of a circle symbol represents a group of people with shared interests. In this symbol we summarize our purpose. Sanctuary exists to guide passionate, thriving businesses that ultimately serve owners, employees and communities. Each of these groups are unique circles that form our business. If you take this idea to completion, our core purpose as a company is, through marketing, to improve the lives of the circles that surround us. Our logo mark represents all of these diverse circles coming together for a shared purpose larger than ourselves. That is, we ultimately come together to improve lives within the circles of our world.

We realize that our company is nothing without our diverse team of people. Our logo mark helps to represent this idea. The strokes in the logo resemble the ancient chinese yin yang symbol which suggests complementary forces that interact to form a unique, dynamic system in which the whole is greater than all the assembled parts.

The strokes of the logo obviously resemble an “S” for Sanctuary. But continuing the idea of the yin yang symbol, the strokes have two similar but distinct parts. The parts represent our team and our clients working together.

The color of our logo is white. White is ultimately associated with light, perfection and goodness. The secondary gold and orange gradient colors used to support our brand represent the feeling of light and a hint at a positive future. The sun symbol is found in all cultures throughout history and esoterically symbolizes the mind or intellect, as well as the ancient alchemical symbol for creation.

“Change your opinions, keep your principles;

change your leaves, keep your roots.

- Victor Hugo