The Academy - Podcast - Episode 8

Podcast Episode 8 – A summary of the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST This is not a book review and I am not going to fully endorse this book, nor am I going to…

The Academy - Podcast7

Podcast Episode 7 – How to get started promoting your local business online

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Search engines have no idea what your site is about, or where you’re at unless you tell them. If you search…

The Academy - Podcast6

Podcast Episode 6 – SEO Friendly Design (Part 3) The “Intagibles”

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Today we’re talking about SEO-friendly design again. This is part three in our series where I provide tips to help you…

The Academy - Podcast5

Podcast Episode 5 – SEO Friendly Design (Part 2) Navigation and Image best practices

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Today we're talking about SEO friendly web design again. This is part two in our series where I provide tips to…

The Academy - Podcast4

Podcast Episode 4 – SEO Friendly Design (Part 1) Simple rules to improve your SEO and user experience.

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Many people don't consider "design" an important part of SEO. But when you consider that "design" includes related topics like UX…

The Academy - Podcast3

Podcast Episode 3 – SEO vs PPC – The pros and cons of the top digital marketing tactics

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Of the two major digital marketing opportunities on the web, which one is the "best bet"? Many people struggle with this…

The Academy - Podcast2

Podcast Episode 2 – 10 great reasons why you should start blogging today

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Blogging is indeed just a tool, a mere dot… on a longer continuum. But it is a revolutionary tool, and those…

The Academy - Podcast

Podcast Episode 1 – Must-haves for any content marketing strategy

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Content marketing is a core component of any digital marketing strategy. No matter what it is you are trying to promote,…