Beginner's Guide to Cold Email

A Beginner’s Guide to Cold Email

Email marketing is a great way to engage with your target audience. Despite the many new digital communication tools that have become available over the…

Email subject lines

Email Subject Lines: What Works?

Email marketing is a particularly effective way of building and connecting with an audience. If you manage to get someone onto your email list, that…

Email marketing best practices podcast

Podcast Episode 32 – Email marketing best practices

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Today on the Academy we’re going to be talking about email. No, not how to send an email to your friends…


Optimize Your Time with B2B Marketing Automation

The most valuable resource your organization has available is time. It’s easy to focus on how much money you have available for certain initiatives, or…


How to Pivot from Low Open and Click-Through Rates on Emails

Every marketer knows the value of a quality email list. With a good list on your side, it’s almost like you have a license to…


Expand the Value of Your Newsletter List with Email Automation

The value of an email newsletter list in digital marketing is no secret. When someone commits to receive your newsletter in their inbox periodically, they…

The Academy - Podcast 9 - Email Marketing

Podcast Episode 9 – Top reasons to use email in your marketing strategy

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote yourself and your business, whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or…


Email Marketing Campaign Stats

Emails, are you sick of them yet? On any given day I can expect to receive between 30-50 emails, and I know people who receive…


Email Marketing Best Practices – The Basics

Email marketing can be one of the most easiest and affordable ways to connect with a customer. All you have to do is load up…

What is mobile first?

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Mobile Ready?

You finally have quite an impressive email marketing campaign in place and are ready to launch it and wait for the results. Sounds easy enough…


67% of Organizations Plan on Increasing Email Budget in 2012

Even though the trend seems to be to move towards focusing on inbound marketing, new reports indicate that 67% of organizations plan on increasing their…


5 Tips to Improve Open Rates on Your Email Marketing Campaign

Your email marketing strategy could use a little help. Really, no matter how great you think it is there is always room for improvement. If…


Local Retailers Can Use QR Codes to Build Their Email List

QR codes are quickly becoming a common popular approach to get people more engaged in your store. It is also a way to enable them…


Is Using an Auto-Responder Beneficial for Your Email Marketing Platform?

One of the most valuable assets a business can have is an email list. This list is how you can reach out to countless customers…


Mobile Email Trends Demonstrate the Need for Cross Channel Marketing

Mobile Email Trends Demonstrate the Need for Cross Channel Marketing A steady decline in the use of web based email services demonstrates a new emerging pattern…