Remarketing List Strategies for PPC

Turning Clicks into Conversions: Remarketing Strategies for PPC

Pay-per-click ads are an effective tool for reaching customers and securing conversions. When paired with solid SEO work and a few other key fundamentals, PPC…

75 - Annual planning and clarity breaks

Podcast Ep. #75 – Annual Business Planning and The Clarity Break

We're well into the fourth quarter of the year, so today on the Academy I wanted to talk a little bit about strategic business planning.…

Your ideal audience

How to Find and Understand Your Ideal Audience

When you boil it down, the entire goal of digital marketing is to find your audience out there on the web. If you can find…

Creating Buyer Personas

Connecting with Customers: A Guide to Creating Buyer Personas

If there is a golden rule to be obeyed in the world of digital marketing, it is this – you need to understand who your…

74-The Inbound Flywheel Model

Podcast Ep. #74 – Accelerating business growth with The Inbound Flywheel Model

Today on the Academy I wanted to compare the traditional approach of selling and servicing customers to a concept that I believe is a better…

Positioning your business

How to Position Your Business in the Right Light

One of the key aspects of being successful with any business venture is positioning. It’s not always good enough to bring a quality product or…

SEO SWOT Analysis

Podcast Ep. #73 – The Value of an SEO SWOT Analysis

Today is another Academy Quick Tip. We're all busy and need to continually learn. But sometimes we just don't have the time to read entire…

LinkedIn InMail Ads

Leveraging LinkedIn InMail Ads for B2B Outreach

If you own or operate a business, you should be on LinkedIn. There are simply too many opportunities for connections available on this platform to…


Podcast Ep. #72 – Why The Buyer’s Journey is a map to business success

Today on the Academy we'll talk about a concept that should be central to everything your business does -- The Buyer's Journey. The buyer's journey…


Podcast Ep. #71 – Why having focus, in business and in life, is the key to success

Today on the Academy I wanted to talk about having focus in business and in life. If you're continually struggling to achieve your goals, in…


Why It Can Take Time to See Results with Digital Marketing

Everyone wants fast results. Whether it’s in business or anything else, it’s not fun to wait around to see your hard work start to pay…


Podcast Ep. #70 – INBOUND – Five Principles to Grow Your Business

Today on the Academy we'll talk briefly about 5 principles that summarize why Inbound, conceptually, is a game-changing strategy to grow your business. Unlike traditional…

Business marketing seasonality

Seasonality: The Reason Your Results Are Down?

It can be frustrating to see the results from your website decline. Whether you are noticing a dip in traffic, a drop-off in sales, or…


How Much Should I Spend on Digital Marketing?

At this point in history, it’s no longer a matter of whether or not your business should be engaging in digital marketing. Using digital promotional…


Google Maps and Waze Merge Unlocks New Advertising Opportunities in the App

The navigational capability of mobile smartphones is one of the features that have caused these devices to play such a major role in modern life.…