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Podcast Episode 45 – How customer journey mapping can increase sales

Customer journey mapping is a useful technique to help you understand how customers are going to interact with your brand and how you can help move them toward a purchase as consistently as possible.
Podcast - Customer journey mapping

Today on the Academy I wanted to talk about how to close more sales. Sounds like a great topic right? I mean, who doesn’t want more sales? But surprise, I’m not going to talk specifically about sales tactics today. What I want to talk about is how to effectively take the leads, and even the customers that you already have, and close more sales through the process of building an effective customer journey map.

In the days before digital technologies like the internet, selling was a very personal process. As a business owner or sales professional, you worked face to face with potential customers in an effort to convince them to make a purchase. Today, of course, most sales processes are digital and automated. So as marketers and business owners, we are removed from the customer, and many people can tend to think of customers as robots rather than people.

They are not robots, of course, and the customer journey from awareness on through to purchase and beyond, is just as important now as it ever was. Sure, it can be automated and optimized these days, but you still need to understand that journey just as clearly as you would have when using old-school, face-to-face selling tactics.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the concept of customer journey mapping. This is a useful technique to help you understand how customers are going to interact with your brand and how you can help move them through the journey toward a purchase as consistently as possible.


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