Your Followers (and Their Word-of-Mouth) Are Your Best Marketing Tool Yet

It’s hard work for any business to build an audience. In days gone by, building a following meant developing a group of people you could…


Building a Social Community with Hashtags

The power of social media marketing is no longer a secret. Companies have been using social media platforms in their digital marketing strategy to reach…


Facebook Ads Targeting: Finding Your Ideal Audiences

For years, Facebook ads have been one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience with your products or services on social media. After…

The Academy - Podcast 13-large

Podcast Episode 13 – How to measure social media success

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST Today on the Academy we’re talking about measuring the performance of your social media efforts. That starts with establishing why you…

The Academy - Podcast 10

Podcast Episode 10 – A quick overview of social media for business

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST I encourage you to explore the theory and science of social media on your own because it can be complex and…

Social media engagement metrics

Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking to Measure Your Success

(Updated 1/22) Determining which social media metrics to measure in your digital marketing can be confusing and a bit overwhelming, and quite honestly hard to…

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Organic Social Content Ideas to Help You Engage with Your Followers

Today’s small business owners need to get in front of their customers in ways far different than those in the past. To stay top of…

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How to Grow Your Following on Social Media—and Why It Matters

As a business owner, your goal is to provide an excellent product or service for your customers. However, if you don’t make reasonable efforts to…

Social media for businesses

Intro to Social Media for Businesses

As a business owner who is relatively inexperienced with new digital marketing tactics, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the idea of creating and building…

Audience targeting for social media ads

Audience Targeting Strategies for Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is essential if you are looking to expand your reach to new target audiences—and fast. Several studies show that organic reach is…

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Online Reputation Management: A Crucial Undertaking for Your Business

As we move into a new decade, the percentage of all goods purchased online continues to grow. It’s estimated that in 2020 people purchasing goods…


Utilize Local Influencers to Connect with Like-Minded People

Every time you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, it seems like there’s a friend or acquaintance talking about a product they love, a new service…


Influencer Marketing: Real People Sharing the Benefits of Your Brand

Think about the last time a friend or family member told you about a product. It’s likely you felt more apt to try it because…

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Social Media 101

The presentation shares successful, trending Social Marketing Strategies to reach new customers, keep an eye on competitors trending events, and keep existing fans around much…

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Pinterest – What’s Pin Going On

For those of you that might not be aware of Pinterest, we think it’s time to get pinning on your board. In a snapshot, Pinterest…