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Podcast Ep. #50 – Podcasting advice after 50 episodes

Today on the Academy we’re going to be talking about what I've learned and the advice that I have to share after successfully producing 50 podcast episodes.
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If you need advice to get started with podcasting and take the first steps, or you need motivation and tips to keep going beyond your first few episodes, well then, this podcast is definitely going to be valuable, and right up your alley.

As far as podcasts go, 50 episodes are both a small number and a huge number. It’s a small number because, compared to the top podcasts that have thousands of episodes, 50 episodes is a pretty small number. But, as far as podcasts go in general, 50 episodes is a big accomplishment because, out of the estimated 2.2 million podcasts available online, only about 700,000 have published more than 3 episodes. Over a quarter only have 1 episode published which essentially amounts to a lot of abandoned podcasts. Most podcasts, even if they’ve been doing it for a while don’t even publish on a weekly or even a semi-regular basis.

So, with that said, today I wanted to look back and provide you with my thoughts about what I’ve learned after producing 50 episodes. I have A LOT to learn and I think we’re just getting started. But I think I have some advice and thoughts to pass on that might help you if you’re thinking about starting your own podcast.


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