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Shootout For Soliders Sanctuary Marketing is proud of our employees, many of whom are involved in various non-profits and civic organizations focused on improving the lives of others.  Brent Ransom, one of our developers, a local lacrosse coach and a former member of the US Air Force, recently participated in Shootout for Soldiers – Ohio a 24-hour lacrosse game benefiting wounded American military members.

Each year Shootout for Soldiers takes place in multiple cities across the United States. Sanctuary Marketing was proud to be a sponsor of this years Columbus, Ohio event which took place July 16-17 at the Columbus Thomas Worthington High School.

The Ohio event included over 7,000 participants and raised over $57,000 to support our veterans and their families.

The Shootout for Soldiers raises money for the following charities:

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]Blue Star Mothers
Honor Flight Network
Gary Sinise Foundation
[/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]SemperFi Fund
Ranger Lead Then Way Fund
Team RWB [/su_column]

To find out how you can get involved, message Brent, or visit ShootoutforSoldiers.com for more information.

Shootout For Soldiers 2

Shootout for Soldiers

North Canton digital marketing firm, Sanctuary Marketing Group is proud to announce they are a recipients of the 2014 Weatherhead 100 Upstart Award through Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

About Weatherhead 100

From Sanctuary Marketing Group’s founding in 2006, President Chris Auman and CEO Kelly Brown believed in using the evolving tools of the internet along with long-standing marketing principals to grow a business through advanced digital marketing strategies. As Kelly stated in a recent interview, “We are able to draw end results to the activities that we are doing and that is, I think, our differentiators. That’s what I think business owners react to the fact that we are accountable to results.”

The Weatherhead 100 Upstart award celebrates the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio. This year marks the 26th annual Weatherhead 100 awards cycle. Companies are evaluated on their growth over the past four years. The award committee reviews financial data from 2009 through 2013 and has three tiers of awards based on the size of the companies for the start and finish of that time frame.

Sanctuary Marketing Group is thrilled to receive such an honor. Sanctuary considers this a bellwether milestone in the history of the company that stands as a testament to the hard work, enthusiasm, and energy of its dedicated team of digital marketing professionals. The staff at Sanctuary Marketing Group spans the historic and technical depths of digital marketing. Team members cover the full range of knowledge including those who have worked in marketing since the early days of the internet through designers and coders who are abreast of the latest innovations and trends.

However, as most of their clients can attest, what sets Sanctuary Marketing Group apart is their unique ability to listen truly to their clients’ needs. Through listening, Sanctuary develops an understanding of the nuances that engage, challenge and delight their clients through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

On December 4th, Sanctuary Marketing Group will send team members to the Weatherhead 100 event at Landerhaven. The team looks forward to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Northeast Ohio.

For more information on Sanctuary Marketing Group, please contact our North Canton offices at 330.266.1188.

Sanctuary Marketing Group Nominated for 2014 Weatherhead 100 Upstart Winner

Sanctuary Marketing Group has donated a new logo to support the MNK Project. The MNK Project is a new division of The Kaderly Foundation. This new division will honor the memory of a brave young Manchester girl, Megan Nicole Kasmar with a memorial scholarship for Manchester High School graduates.


Megan’s Story

Megan was a brave, loving daughter, sister, and student of Manchester High School. She loved life and lived it to the full. Megan was a cheerleader and a member of the homecoming court. At 11 months of age, Megan had developed Rhabdo Myo Sacrcoma (lung cancer). After years of many treatments, in and out of the hospital, and lots of prayer, Megan overcame the cancer, and she was cancer-free for 10 years. But the cancer and the treatments had left scars in her lungs that later became the problem that took her life. At the age of 15, Megan got a cold that developed into pulmonary fibrosis. To survive, Megan would need a double lung transplant. That transplant never came, and Megan went home to be with the Lord on March 17, 2011, her 16th birthday.

What Megan Taught Us

Megan fought her battle bravely. She was a girl of courage and faith. She taught us to trust God and to fight hard. Megan taught us to live the Golden Rule. Just as she wished for an organ donor, Megan was an organ donor herself. Although her time may have faded, her spirit is very much alive.

The Kaderly Foundation

The Kaderly Foundation honors the memory of former Manchester Football Coach Rick Kaderly with 2 scholarships. The Kaderly Foundation also donates items to the youth programs of the area to help enhance the participant’s experience. They are proud to announce the formation of the new division which houses another scholarship.

MNK Project Gets New Logo

kaderly-websiteAs a part of our ongoing initiatives to help local charities, Sanctuary Marketing Group has developed a website and logo identity for The Kaderly Foundation. The Kaderly Foundation was established to honor the memory of a beloved husband, father, Manchester High School Football Coach, Councilman and long time Board of Education member, Rick Kaderly. The foundation currently awards two scholarships annually to local Ohio students. The Kaderly Foundation also donates items to the youth programs of the area to help enhance the participant’s experience.

Both Kelly Brown and Chris Auman (CEO and President of SMG) attended Manchester High School and graduated in 1989. Although they were not actively involved with youth sports (they were involved with band and activities related to the arts) they believe that youth sports plays a very important role in the lives of our youth and the Kaderly Foundation and Mr. Kaderly specifically deserve our praise and support for their past and current efforts.

SMG Donates website to local Foundation

children-of-ubumiWe’re proud to announce that through our friendship with The Hudson Rotary Club, we’ve donated and successfully completed a newly redesigned website for The Children of Ubumi — an orphanage in Zambia.

We’re very proud of our volunteer work and donations and this work has allowed us to make a small contribution to a global problem that affects us all. Vulnerable and homeless children in any country should be a top concern for all of us and we’re glad that we could help them with this donation of time and skills. (more…)

SMG Donates website to Children of Ubumi Orphanage


Search engines want to return the most relevant results for their users and there are many different factors that figure into why one site ranks over another. One of those factors is online reviews on external websites. The reasons why reviews are important and how to get them will be the topic of this post.

First, I’ll cover the factors that you need to consider. Then we’ll talk a little bit about how to effectively integrate a review strategy into your internet marketing plan. (more…)

Online business reviews — Why they’re important and how to get them

local-search-marketing-crazyLocal Search Marketing is becoming more and more important. As a small business you’re probably saying “yes, it’s always been important”. But I’m talking about marketing tactics and specifically knowing how to approach it. It’s driving people crazy with all the changes lately.

Marketing a local buisness in a region online is completely different than attacking a national or international market and you’ll find that more and more of my emails going forward will be focused on local search marketing. The future is truly local and Google agrees.

Why should you be concerned about specific local tactics?

Recently Google made a huge change in how they handle search results. They essentially made a massive shift in their algorithm that favors local businesses. (more…)

Local Search Marketing in 2013

Well I got good news and I got bad news…

The good news is — Google’s added a TON of new features to Google Analytics. The bad news?  You gotta learn how to use ‘em if you want to stay at the top of your game.

But that’s alright. It’s not difficult. I promise. It’s more a matter of just being aware that these tools even exist.  Once you have visibility on what these tools do and how they can benefit you and your company, you’ll quickly be able to decide whether you want to implement them into your regular measurement & reporting activities.

Here’s a list of 9 Google Analytics features you need to take a look at:

1.  Real Time Data:

Ok. I’ll admit it.  For most of us, this one just comes under the ‘cool’ category.  I’m a sales Google Analytics Real Time Datajunky. Nothing gets me more excited than being part of a new campaign launch whether it’s email, local search marketing, national SEO, Google Adwords….what have you.  With Real Time Data you get a live picture of the activity on your website. you can see what content is getting pulled, where they’re coming from and what keywords they used to get there.  It’s really a much better alternative than hitting ‘refresh’ on the Analytics Dashboard page every two minutes to see if you’ve got any bites on that new landing page.

If you’ve got a fairly active site or are launching a new email marketing campaign which you expect will drive visitors to the site, try pulling up this tool and watching the activity. It’s fun and a little addictive. And you may learn a thing or two about how people are engaging with your website along the way.


9 Great Google Analytics Features

sorbothane-seo-case-studyConsider this. If you could affordably construct a billboard on every important road for your business, would you do it? With the internet it’s possible. With internet marketing we essentially help businesses position themselves in front of potential customers and clients where they’re looking. We give your business the opportunity to build those billboards. We know the roads. We have the tools.

Committing to an ongoing internet marketing strategy is essential so you’re positioned in the right places. Each month more and more people are using the internet and their mobile phones to research and find what they need. With an ongoing strategy you’ll show up in front of your customers where they’re searching and you’ll likely see steady growth. If you don’t commit you’ll be missing opportunity after opportunity. (more…)

Sorbothane – An internet marketing success story

According to a recent survey of conducted by MarketingSherpa ,64% of business expect to invest more in 2011 than in previous years on their Web site. Judging by the source, we take this to mean increasing conversion and sales effectiveness of the Web sites overall.

On the whole, more companies were planning to INCREASE spending on online marketing efforts such as Search (SEO / PPC), Social Media, Email, and Online display ads) and DECREASE marketing budgets for ‘traditional’ media channels.

That’s not to say more money is being spent online than offline, just that more companies are planning to increase the spending compared to their 2010 efforts.

Still, the trend continues. Advertising dollars will continue flow to the media channels that can deliver the right audience for the product or service in question.

And while the shift from traditional media will continue to increase, we don’t expect it will go away anytime soon.  An effective Web marketing strategy will incorporate the strengths of ALL the media in your marketing arsenal and continue to push ROI higher across the board.

Tuning your marketing mix to eek out the best return across the entire portfolio is a process of testing, measurement and continuous improvement. It’s a never ending challenge but if done correctly, it can yield tremendous increases in both sales and profitability.

64% of Marketers Expect to Increase Spending on their Web sites in 2011

According to a September 2010 study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, ‘58% of Americans now reporting that they perform online research concerning the products and services that they are considering purchasing.’ In fact, on any given day 21% of adults perform some form of product research in advance of making a purchase.

What does this mean for your business if you’re a local retailer? For one, it means a better informed customer who, if they haven’t already determined the exact model, color and style for their desired product, have narrowed their choices down to 1-3 possibilities.

This can greatly expedite the sales process. It can also win you a lifelong customer if you take a consultative selling approach.

Here are some ideas to use this trend to your advantage:

Welcome the Informed Customer The next time a prospective customer enters the store with a stack of print outs of the information they gathered from the night before, don’t roll your eyes. You may have valid concerns that they’re coming in with misinformation that you need to correct. Embrace them as the customer you NEED to win over.

After all, if they went online BEFORE they bought, chances are they’ll go online after…and that means whatever their experience…(good or bad)…they will share it. (more…)

58% of Americans Perform Online Research Before They Buy

Facebook AdvertsingAmong social media networks, Facebook and, to a slightly lesser degree, Twitter are the kings. While it is true that there are countless other social networks, including smaller, niche sites that cater to special interests and have limited memberships, it is not every company that will want to advertise via those. Facebook advertising, on the other hand, can work for everyone in every industry and across every genre.

The Critical Factor

Brand recognition has been identified as the number one concern for those who are interested in advertising on Facebook, whether they are planning to do so locally or globally. If you are a local business, you might think that using Facebook may be a waste of your advertising budget, but you can be seriously loosing out on some very targeted ads that can be directed at the very people that you need to reach at a time when they may need you the most.

The Demographics

A quick glance at who is actually using Facebook and what they do while there may be all the enlightening that most marketers need. After all, there is no way to argue with the numbers when they include these facts:

  • There are 500 million active users on Facebook.
  • Half of those users log on to their Facebook account every single day, accounting for 700 billion minutes spent on the site every month.
  • The average Facebook user has around 130 friends.
  • There are 900 million individual objects to interact with on Facebook including community pages, groups, events and more. (more…)
Sanctuary Marketing Group’s Guide to Facebook Advertising