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I have the unique privilege to travel North Canton and the surrounding area, scoping out excellent destinations in the area and highlighting them for our readers. We have titled this iniative #MondayMunchies, and have featured BAM! Healthy Cuisine, Peace Love & Little Donuts, Cafe Gelato and more! North Canton is home to all sorts of amazing businesses and restaurants and this is our small way of bringing those businesses to the surface. This visit covers a couple of locations under the umbrella of Gervasi Winery and Villas, both the Crush House and The Twisted Olive.

About Gervasi

The mission of Gervasi Vineyard is to provide the total winery experience. Gervasi offers a memorable destination for local wine lovers, diners, families, businesses, and tourists who enjoy the few special places where beauty, tradition, comfort, and appreciation for good wine and food connect. Gervasi is designed for adults seeking an affordable, fresh and romantic dining experience by night; families seeking outdoor beauty, fun, and great food by weekend; and corporate teams looking for a unique meeting setting by day.” — GervasiVineyard.com


The Crush House

If you visit the vineyard and villa location, nestled between Canton and North Canton just East of Route 43, you’ll see The Crush House right alongside the Middlebranch Trail. The Crush House has actually worked hand-in-hand with the city to help make the trail extension a reality. As for the restaurant and winery itself, we visited The Crush House for lunch and the vibe is perfect to unwind from your busy office. Speaking with the staff, they pride themselves in having created an casual and affordable destination — and I couldn’t agree with them more. I was comfortable in jeans and my lunch didn’t dent the pocket anymore than other area restaurants would have!

I also had the opportunity to tour the winery itself, which I would encourage you to do yourself (just check the site for days and times)! While we hopped in during the cooler Ohio temps, I will be sure to revisit once Spring hits because they have beautiful balcony seating that overlooks the estate. Have you visited The Crush House yet? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


The Twisted Olive

The Twisted Olive is right outside the city of North Canton, actually in Green on the location that was once home to the Belden family (Not to be confused with the Beldings from Saved By the Bell, we’re talking North Canton’s Belden family). Admittedly, the team at The Twisted Olive confessed that there was not a ton that needed done to this gorgeous home. It sits right next to a natural preserve and has inside two floors that contain unique settings of all sorts. A massive bar, cozy booth seating, outdoor patio seating, a massive dining room, a unique basement pub and more! You have got to get over there, enjoy a meal firsthand and be sure to take a moment to walk through the restaurant.

A few little known facts about The Twisted Olive:

  • The wine room in the basement, behind the bar, is actually the originally shelving!
  • The men’s room, hidden away in the basement just beyond the phone booth, was actually originally a gunroom with hundreds of rifles!
  • The copper piece above the fireplace just inside the front door was part of the original home — it’s so cool!
  • There is a room at the top of staircase that can be reserved for business meetings — you only pay for food, no reservation costs!
  • The “Four Seasons Room” beyond the bar is equipped with air conditioning, heating, fans, shades, and a heated floor — no matter the weather, you’ve got a patio to sit on!
  • What other tidbits do you know about The Twisted Olive? Share them in the comments!


Here are a few pictures I took while visiting both locations.

Gervasi’s Crush House and The Twisted Olive, An Inside Look
North Canton Caffe Gelato

North Canton Caffe Gelato

If you need an escape from Ohio and would love to visit the tastes of Italy, take a trip over to Caffe Gelato — right downtown North Canton. For this past week’s installment of our “Monday Munchies,” we sat down with the co-owner of the small cafe that has been serving downtown North Canton for years. You can see more information here on our Facebook Page post.

The small business that was established out of a love for great community and great espresso has become a must visit spot. Their seats are filled morning, noon and night with locals who are enjoying Caffe Gelato’s imported espresso and locally homemade gelato. Caffe Gelato of North Canton hosts small parties, serves an array of delicious lunch options and always, always partners with locals when they are looking to expand their offerings. For example, there is a local baker who supplies all of their pastries!

If you live in North Canton and you haven’t tried their array of espresso drinks, you absolutely must pay them a visit.

North Canton’s Caffe Gelato

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