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Sanctuary Marketing Group specializes in online marketing and Search Engine Optimization services. Below is general information regarding our services and process.

What we do:

In summary we propose to improve the organic traffic to your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We do this by employing many specific tactics on your website and off site. Based on our experience there are 4 core aspects of SEO that we need to focus on. Keyword research, content creation and optimization, website code optimization and link building (the practice of getting high quality sites to link to your site). Our work definitely doesn’t stop there though.

Based on information that we’ve gathered we’ll optimize your website code, create new targeted content, submit your site to important directories and industry portals, create strategic links to your site (as well as many other tactics) and generally do everything within our knowledge to get you positioned within the top ten listings for your chosen keywords.

Our goals:

Since SEO involves many time consuming aspects and relies on search engines to find and determine the rank of your pages, we cannot guarantee how long it will take to show up in the search engines, how long it will take to improve and how high you’re site will rank.

Overall our goal is to improve your website traffic within 3-6 months and we’ll document and track improvements over time as needed to show improvements. Specific tracking of your target keywords is also provided on a quarterly basis to show the precise position of your site in the top search engines for the target keywords.

SEO – Phase 1 – Keyword Research:

The first step in a successful SEO campaign is research. We take the time to gather information regarding all of your pertinent keywords and key phrases, as well as the current competition for those key phrases. Based on this data we’re able to determine the best keywords to target within your budget.

Design – Phase 2 – Optimization:

Optimization is the focus of the SEO campaign and where we perform the most work. It involves several main elements (as mentioned previously) and many, many minor elements that all come together to improve keyword relevancy, content and website quality, and your general status as related to the search engines ranking algorithms.

Design – Phase 3 – Reporting and continued optimization:

The last phase of your SEO campaign will include reporting. This is provided for us so we know where to focus our efforts. It’s also provided for you so you can see our progress. Based on the results we’ll continue to optimize your site and perform any necessary tactics needed to obtain the highest results possible.

Reporting includes two methods. First we’ll document your current site statics that are provided with your hosting account. Then we’ll setup and install a Google Analytics and Webmaster account on your site so we can receive detailed information about the traffic to your website. This will help us optimize and also show improvement over time.

The second part of reporting includes information and analysis regarding your specific campaign and keywords. The reporting will show your positions in the search engines for each keyword and for each major search engine. This reporting will also show you any improvements or changes since the last report. Please contact us to see an example of one of our client campaign reports and let us help you improve your rankings in the search engines.