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In these days of ever changing technology and lightning fast communications, it is vitally important to stay ahead of your competition for the attention of every single customer.

Face it: No one is getting the bulk of their retail information from the television or the newspaper any longer. They get all of that from their computers and from their mobile phones.

Everyone needs to be able to reach out and connect with their customers whether they are going to shop online or come to a physical location.

In fact, stores that have physical locations might benefit the most from the following tips.


Seven New Marketing Ideas for the Local Retailer

As a local Web developer serving the Akron, Canton, & Cleveland areas,  we specialize in developing & executing internet marketing strategy.  In general, those strategies involve casting a wide net across multiple media channels in the goal of attracting the right people to your website and converting them to customers.

As the market evolves, local businesses are beginning to employ some key strategies to get their name out there and build their business reputation.

Here are 4 ideas that have seen some success in drawing customers to a local business:

Connect your Brick to Your Click – if you’re trying to draw people into a physical location, make sure you connect your online presence with your physical one. When your customers visit your business, make sure there’s messaging on your tables or on your check-out counter that invites them to ‘Fan’ your Facebook Page, Check-in via FourSquare, GooglePlaces & Yelp!.  Most of your customers will have their smartphones with them and can do it right there. (more…)

Cool Internet Marketing Ideas for the Local Business Owner

We were meeting with a client today and the subject was SEO and keyword research for a lot of the meeting. During the meeting I realized, again, that a lot of businesses still don’t understand how to properly rank their business in the search engines. Most guess and dabble and completely miss the mark. Actually, I’ve known this for a long time but today was just another episode in a long line of meetings that cemented my belief. So, I thought I would write about it and try to help point you in the right direction if you decide to market your own website. (more…)

Keyword research for SEO and online marketing

Sanctuary is first and foremost an internet marketing company. What this means is that we provide online solutions to help you market and grow your business online. The most common form of internet marketing is obviously the website and our experience and talents in this area can easily be seen in the quality of our portfolio and the kind words of our satisfied clients. We believe that constructing a website is much more than a flashy presentation and the right web address. Your company’s online presence should be a major part of your online marketing initiative and it all starts with planning and a discussion of your goals. Our job is to provide the solutions for you to meet those goals. (more…)

Website Design and Development

Sanctuary Marketing Group specializes in online marketing and Search Engine Optimization services. Below is general information regarding our services and process.


SEO Services

Having a website is a necessary first step to promote your business online, but it’s only the first step of many. Having a website and an address means nothing to the outside world if you haven’t planned on how you’re going to tell people about it. When you put your website online for the first time, it’s essentially the world’s smallest needle, hidden in the world’s largest haystack. Your potential customers will never find their way without a plan to guide them there.

At Sanctuary, we offer a comprehensive menu of internet marketing solutions and tools that will help you start the traffic flowing and keep customers coming back for more. We never start a project without planning and with your goals and budget in mind. From this starting point we can help build the perfect marketing plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Our services can include any of the following:

Please click on the service links below for detailed information or scroll down for a short summary of each service that we provide:


Internet Marketing

If you’re looking for a PHP programmer in Canton, Akron or Cleveland Ohio to develop custom software or website features please contact us today. Sanctuary is adept at planning, managing and completing almost any programming project you can throw at us. We believe in the power of software. Especially if it’s designed properly. Designing software is an art and we provide our clients with custom software solutions that help you improve your website and online business operations with ease – and without breaking the bank. (more…)