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Pay-per-click advertising (or PPC) has become an amazingly effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website with minimal expense compared to traditional advertising mediums like direct mail, radio, print and billboards. PPC advertising allows you to position yourself in front of people who are specifically looking for your products and services. What’s even better is that you don’t pay a penny unless they actually click on your link and visit your website. The only thing better would be a system where you only pay if someone makes a purchase and we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

At Sanctuary Marketing Group we’d like to help you take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. We want to guide you in making the right decisions but also help you get the most value out of every single dollar spent.

Getting Started with PPC Advertising:

Essentially anyone can go to Google and sign up for an account and start running ads. But the process of doing it right can be complicated and managing your online advertising campaigns can be a very time consuming process. Not only this, but it can be very difficult to keep up to date with the ever changing landscape when your competitors are constantly manipulating their bids and positions. PPC advertising requires constant monitoring and updating to make sure that you are not wasting your budget.

Sanctuary Marketing Group can manage your campaign and we’ll not only help you get things rolling but we’ll continue monitoring and optimizing your campaign on a daily basis. Our fee to do this starts at $300/mo.* and can go up from there depending on the amount of keywords and search engines that we’re required to manage.

Why do I need someone to manage my campaign?

You might ask: “Why would I pay someone to do this for me when I can do it for free myself?”

Well, if you have unlimited time then you should most definitely do it yourself and learn all you can about the process. If you’d like to focus on growing your business and let professionals do what they do best, then you need to hire Sanctuary Marketing Group.

In addition to the time savings, here are some very important parts of our program that are geared toward making your campaign a success.

1) We’ll research all the available keywords and key phrase combinations that fit your campaign. We’ll also research your top competition to make sure that we’re using all the keywords that they’re using.

2) We’ll setup your accounts properly and save you from costly mistakes along the way.

3) We’ll continually monitor your campaign and work with you to continually optimize your campaign. Our goal is to make sure that your money is spent wisely.

4) In addition to real humans reviewing your campaign on a regular basis, your account will be managed by our proprietary software that continually makes updates to your account every hour of the day to get you positioned for every important keyword, in the best spot, at the best rate. This alone is worth the investment and can cover all management costs with the money saved.

5) We can easily manage and optimize your account in Google, Yahoo and MSN plus many more engines at the same time.

6) We can position your keywords in your desired position continuously or choose a range of positions and optimize your campaign to place you in the best value position and maximize your investment.

Example: Say you want to show up in positions 3-6 on Google for your target keyword. In position 3 the bid is .90 per click, position 4 is .87 a click, position 5 is .64 a click and position 6 is .62 a click. Our software will notice that there is a large gap between positions 4 and 5 and determine that the best value for this range is to bid .65 and position your ad in the fifth position. There’s no way that a human could do this every hour of every day for hundreds of keywords.

7. We can manage your account so your ads run at a designated time of the day or week. For example, you might just want your ads to run between the hours of 9-5 Monday thru Friday. We make this easy for you.

8. We’ll email you reports on a regular basis via email along with our comments, feedback and advice so we can continually optimize your campaign.

9. We’ll manage and monitor your maximum bid for each keyword to ensure that you never pay more than you need to.

10. Each keyword can be directed to a specific page on your site.

11. If you have a competitor that you want to be positioned above, we can do that and ensure that you stay there for every keyword.

12. We can easily geo-target your ads so they only appear to users within your target region.

13. We can track your overall ROI for each keyword and help to make decisions whether the keyword is returning the best investment.**

In summary we make it our business to make your advertising campaign a success at every level. We help you get started, we manage every keyword, every cent on an hourly basis with the goal of driving targeted traffic to your website and getting the full value out of your advertising budget.

For more information please contact us via email or call for more information: 330-266-1188

* Includes Google and Yahoo and up to 300 keywords. 3 month commitment required to get started.
** Initial investment of stats tracking and ROI reporting and consultation.