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Living in Northeast Ohio, I’ve heard firsthand from our brick and mortar retail clients that this winter was tough for business. You and your staff were prepped for the “weekend rush”, then it happened. Mother nature waited until the weekend (more weekends then you’d care to count) to dump her snowstorm on the “off work for the weekend, ready to shop, disposable income public” and your fully prepped, eager staff unfortunately spent part of their day longingly staring at the door, waiting for the customers who never ended up coming. Sound familiar?

Maybe your story isn’t quite as dramatic, but you still rely on an annual Spring Sale to kick off your peak season, or maybe you are testing a Spring Sale for the first time. If any of these scenarios ring true to you, you’ll want to check out this new tool in Google Adwords.

Why Your Spring Sale Marketing Plan Should Include an Adwords Countdown

Google Ad Customizer Countdown FunctionAccording to WordStream, when testing the use of the Countdown Ad Customizer internally on their clients, they saw conversion rates of the ads tested increase the closer the end of the sale became. Not only did results increase, but results increased substantially with an up to 30% increase in conversion rates toward the end of the sale date. I think we can all agree, if there is something out there that can increase our conversion by potentially up to 30%, we want to try it! So, what is it and how do you use it, right?

Google Adwords Ad Customizer Countdown Feature Simplified

Ad customizers are features you can use within your ads to adapt the text of your ad to show a dynamic keyword, sale end date, text and more. In this blog, we are specifically focusing on the Countdown Feature which allows you to dynamically add a sale end date that says something like “Hurry Sale Ends in ____ Days!”. The days of going into your ad and manually updating the sale end date are over! This can now happen automatically with the use of the Ad Customizer Countdown Feature! (Less work for you, woohoo!)

How to use Ad Customizer Countdown Function to Create Urgency

To use this feature in its simplest form, simply click to create a new text ad, enter your text as shown below and use the {= to show the countdown popup below. Select your countdown start and end date and any advanced settings you’d like and voila! you’re all set!

Spring Sale Adwords Ad Customizer

If you need more advanced customization, for example if you have different sale values for different products, that’s available too. No more manually entering individual ads for unique percentages off for unique products. Check out this Google Adwords video to learn more.

When I heard about this feature, I was so excited I did a little “jump for joy” in my office. I hope this helps to wet your whistle to the possible impact this tool can have on your Spring Sale this year! If you want to try this out, but don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself, reach out to us for help and take advantage of testing the countdown out this Spring!


Running a Sale This Spring? Create Urgency with This Sweet, New Tool!

Beginners Guide to Keyword ResearchIf you have never used Google Adwords or PPC advertising as a marketing channel before, setting up your first campaign can feel overwhelming. You’re probably asking yourself, “Where do I start?” or “What step should I take first?”. Coming from a Direct Marketing background myself, it was always pounded into my head that the most important elements to any campaign are first your list, then your offer and lastly your creative. The same holds true for PPC advertising. Your list is the foundation of your entire campaign. This means, focusing specifically on Google Adwords Search Network advertising, your list = keyword selection.


Beginners Guide to PPC Keyword Research: 7 Steps for Keyword Selection

Landing Page OptimizationIf you find yourself frequenting the business section of your local Barnes & Noble or the Business section of Amazon’s Book category, you’ve probably heard of or have already read Stephen R. Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.  If you don’t find yourself among this group, you would probably still agree with the second habit Stephen Covey recommends: Begin with the end in mind. So, how does this habit relate to increasing your Adwords PPC conversions through targeted landing pages? The correlation is simple. Perfectly crafted ads and high click-through rates are meaningless if your landing pages don’t convert.


5 Landing Page Optimization Tips for Increased Adwords PPC Conversions

Google Adwords Ad Extensions will improve  your PPC performanceAs a small business owner or marketing manager, you most likely have (or have often thought you should have) an active Google Adwords PPC account.  If you’re providing your campaign the attention it needs, you know that managing your PPC account can be a full-time job. You’re worried about fine-tuning your keyword list, increasing your CTR, decreasing your CPC, improving your ads Quality Score, improving Ad Rank, increasing your conversion rate … the list goes on and on.  This means you may not have the time or staff bandwidth to analyze and fine-tune your PPC campaigns like you want to.

Unfortunately, there is no “Easy Button” for improving your PPC results on your own, but there are many proven tactics and tools you can use to improve your small business PPC results. Google Adwords Ad Extensions is one of those tools. (more…)

Improve your Small Business PPC Results with Google AdWords Ad Extensions

google adwords ppcIf you’re not careful, you can flush a lot of money right down the drain with an ill-conceived Pay-Per-Click campaign.  Of course, that’s true with any form of advertising.

Unlike traditional media channels, PPC ads, like the ones shown on Google, are only shown to people who indicate an interest in a specific topic. People express that interest by entering a search query into Google or Bing or Yahoo etc. The basics steps in the process of setting up a PPC campaign are as follows:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Select your keywords
  3. Bid on said keywords
  4. Create the advertisements that will display on selected keywords
  5. Point those advertisements to an appropriate landing page

Pretty straight forward right?

The problem most people run into is they don’t properly account for the (vital) importance of relevancy in their online advertising campaigns.  It’s funny, the Wall Street Journal just shared a study on persuading people that underlined what successful direct marketers have known for years: Personalization and Localization of ‘creative’ will lift response.


PPC: How To Get More Bang for Your Buck

When reviewing your pay-per-click options, Google by far gets the bulk of the attention (and revenue).

Google, Bing / Yahoo, and other search-based PPC models are powerful in that they tie the audience’s topic of interest to the marketing message. But what if you’re looking for an online marketing solution that allows for better audience segmentation?

What if you’re a B2B marketer whose ideal prospect is the CMO of an Ohio-based Financial Services Company with 50+ employees?

It could be the difference between generating a lead with a $1000 annual marketing budget and a $1,000,000 annual marketing budget (i.e. someone with the cash and authority to invest in your solution?)

That’s where a service like LinkedIn has an advantage. With 98,213,000+ active members, LinkedIn has a huge audience.


LinkedIn as a pay-per-click (PPC) option for your online marketing

Of the two major online marketing opportunities on the web, which one is the “best bet”? Many people struggle with this question and I believe the answer is, unfortunately, “it depends”.

Both avenues have their strong points and weaknesses and I’ll do my best here to explain both. (more…)

Pay Per Click vs. SEO

If you are just starting out with PPC advertising you’re probably wondering what separates a good ad from a bad ad – essentially an ad that makes money for the advertiser vs. one that takes money and drags you down and eventually puts you out of business. Below is a Quick Start summary of the core requirements for writing a great pay-per-click ad.

Take the time to customize an ad for each keyword.

The top PPC engines allow you to customize your ad for each keyword/key phrase so why not develop ad copy that’s specific to those words? If you sell pet supplies and the keyword you’re found under is “fish bowls” you should definitely customize your ad so it catches the eye of the visitor and entices them to buy. You want to be presented as the ultimate fish bowl supplier, not just another site selling pet supplies. (more…)

How to write a great pay-per-click ad

Pay-per-click advertising (or PPC) has become an amazingly effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website with minimal expense compared to traditional advertising mediums like direct mail, radio, print and billboards. PPC advertising allows you to position yourself in front of people who are specifically looking for your products and services. What’s even better is that you don’t pay a penny unless they actually click on your link and visit your website. The only thing better would be a system where you only pay if someone makes a purchase and we don’t see that happening anytime soon. (more…)

Pay-per-click management services