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Thanks to and poster sugarrae for this useful list of traffic development practices for the new year. Enjoy…

1) Find sites that are about your topic in general but are missing pertinent information that you provide on your site or that you can create an angle to merge with their topic and email the webmaster at one email address with a personal email that notes things about their site only a human visitor would and explain why you think linking to your content would benefit their readers.

2) Write 800 word articles for sites that accept submissions that publish based on merit and not that you know how to fill out a form and giving them a custom article written only for their site. Link out generously to other sites in the article and be sure to include a link of your own (to something legitimately helpful to readers of the article) within the article if possible.

3) Buy links to get the resulting traffic and having that link placed somewhere on the page where visitors will actually see it and pretending search engines don’t exist when debating a purchase. And if you’re going to buy a link, make private deals with site owners or use brokers who do the same with a very limited clientele of purchasers.

4) Find the top 50 keywords for your sector and write an interesting piece that relates to the topic in an unusual fashion that won’t bore people to death if they bother to read past the first paragraph.

5) Wait until you have a newsworthy topic (or creating one) and submitting a carefully crafted press release focused on getting media attention and making sure it is viewable in all the big news engines.

6) Don’t waste time submitting to a lot of directories unless the directory itself has a large following or pageview tallies (meaning it will send a lot of traffic).

7) Encourage extreme variety in anchor text of your inbound links and letting people link to you using whatever anchors they feel necessary. (Anchor text = the wording on their link back to you)

8) Finding one (or a few communities) and becoming a regular, valid and helpful contributing member.

9) Creating a blog that has real value and traffic attraction on your own domain (or a separate domain if branding is an issue) which leads readers into the commercial area of your site during opportunities within posts or the blog design where it makes sense.