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A Guide to Optimizing Your WordPress Website for Conversions

Whether you’ve had your site for years now and you know it needs a major overhaul, or you’ve recently invested in a new site, you can benefit from making the switch to WordPress and carrying out a web strategy to get more conversions and leads.

This white paper will explore why WordPress is a top CMS choice for growing your business, and we’ll guide you through how you can leverage it to get better results.

We’ll cover:

What is WordPress?
Tracking and Reporting with Google Analytics
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Why It’s Important
Steps to Optimize Your Website for Conversions
Implement Strong, Site-Wide CTAs
Make Sure Your Design/Layout is User-Friendly
Create Valuable Website Content (Landing Pages, Case Studies, Testimonials, etc.)
Optimize Your Site for SEO
Use Schema to Better Communicate with Search Engines
Improve Site Speed
Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
Find Out What Works and Keep Doing It
Getting Started with WordPress


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