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To qualify, these companies had to demonstrate significant sales growth and employ 15 or fewer employees, and/or have less than $5 million in net sales in the last year.

From Hudson to Twinsburg to Rocky River, Brecksville, Elyria, Mayfield Village, Beachwood to Akron & Cleveland – These are the companies to watch in 2016!

We are honored to be among them and congratulate our NEO colleagues of like-minded entrepreneurial spirit.

More About the Weatherhead 100 Awards

The Weatherhead 100 award was established in 1988 to celebrate Northeast Ohio’s spirit of entrepreneurship and to recognize companies that exemplify innovative success in our region. The annual Weatherhead 100 awards ceremony recognizes the region’s fastest-growing companies based on revenue from the past five years.

Want to be one of the first to know who is #1? Join us Thursday, December 3, 2015 for the Weatherhead 100 award ceremony. Register Now.

Weatherhead 100 Upstarts Announced – Who Will Be #1?

North Canton, Ohio has a lot of extremely talented individuals in the technology field. From designers and website coders to app developers, you really do not have to look too far if you are a business owner who is looking to take things to the next level. We recently stumbled across a local company, Squirrels, who has created a line up of stellar software programs. Today, their flagship applications AirParrot and Reflector are used around the globe by hundreds of thousands of people-educators, business owners, salespeople, developers, graphic designers, gamers and more. They let me test drive Reflector so that I can share it with you!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 9.18.33 AMReflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works great with Google Cast™, AirPlay™ and AirParrot. Mirror your content to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. Play games, watch movies, demo applications or present from the palm of your hand. Everything you do on your device can be wirelessly sent to Reflector!

I am not stranger to the area of screen sharing and information presenting. When it comes to gathering a group of people together and projecting a video or a presentation, I have tried PowerPoint, Google Hangouts, GoTo Meetings, AirPlay and just about every option that you can think of. I was expecting to have a lot of hoops to jump through, like passcodes to enter or something of the sort, but it was incredibly seamless to set up and get running.

If you are familiar with sharing your phone, laptop or tablet with your Apple TV, then you already know how easy it is to share your smartphone with any device running Reflector. Jump on the same Wi-Fi as the device you’d like to mirror your display on and then walk through AirPlay per usual. Why use Reflector over AirPlay? AirPlay limits you to share to their Apple TV but Reflector allows you to share from, say, your smartphone to your laptop. I can reflect anything that is happening on my phone directly to my computer’s desktop.

Not on the same Wi-Fi as the desktop that you’d like to display on? There’s an App for that. With entering a short Quick Connect Code, Reflector Director allows you the ability to share no matter where you are.

I found a really insightful review of the app over on YouTube. You can learn more about it there:

In hopes to both support local brainiacs and help out local business owners or educators, we simply wanted to invite you to check out all of the great work that is happening at Squirrels. Keep making North Canton proud, guys!

North Canton Locals Create Reflector, a Presenter’s Best Friend

I have the unique privilege to travel North Canton and the surrounding area, scoping out excellent destinations in the area and highlighting them for our readers. We have titled this iniative #MondayMunchies, and have featured BAM! Healthy Cuisine, Peace Love & Little Donuts, Cafe Gelato and more! North Canton is home to all sorts of amazing businesses and restaurants and this is our small way of bringing those businesses to the surface. This visit covers a couple of locations under the umbrella of Gervasi Winery and Villas, both the Crush House and The Twisted Olive.

About Gervasi

The mission of Gervasi Vineyard is to provide the total winery experience. Gervasi offers a memorable destination for local wine lovers, diners, families, businesses, and tourists who enjoy the few special places where beauty, tradition, comfort, and appreciation for good wine and food connect. Gervasi is designed for adults seeking an affordable, fresh and romantic dining experience by night; families seeking outdoor beauty, fun, and great food by weekend; and corporate teams looking for a unique meeting setting by day.” — GervasiVineyard.com


The Crush House

If you visit the vineyard and villa location, nestled between Canton and North Canton just East of Route 43, you’ll see The Crush House right alongside the Middlebranch Trail. The Crush House has actually worked hand-in-hand with the city to help make the trail extension a reality. As for the restaurant and winery itself, we visited The Crush House for lunch and the vibe is perfect to unwind from your busy office. Speaking with the staff, they pride themselves in having created an casual and affordable destination — and I couldn’t agree with them more. I was comfortable in jeans and my lunch didn’t dent the pocket anymore than other area restaurants would have!

I also had the opportunity to tour the winery itself, which I would encourage you to do yourself (just check the site for days and times)! While we hopped in during the cooler Ohio temps, I will be sure to revisit once Spring hits because they have beautiful balcony seating that overlooks the estate. Have you visited The Crush House yet? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


The Twisted Olive

The Twisted Olive is right outside the city of North Canton, actually in Green on the location that was once home to the Belden family (Not to be confused with the Beldings from Saved By the Bell, we’re talking North Canton’s Belden family). Admittedly, the team at The Twisted Olive confessed that there was not a ton that needed done to this gorgeous home. It sits right next to a natural preserve and has inside two floors that contain unique settings of all sorts. A massive bar, cozy booth seating, outdoor patio seating, a massive dining room, a unique basement pub and more! You have got to get over there, enjoy a meal firsthand and be sure to take a moment to walk through the restaurant.

A few little known facts about The Twisted Olive:

  • The wine room in the basement, behind the bar, is actually the originally shelving!
  • The men’s room, hidden away in the basement just beyond the phone booth, was actually originally a gunroom with hundreds of rifles!
  • The copper piece above the fireplace just inside the front door was part of the original home — it’s so cool!
  • There is a room at the top of staircase that can be reserved for business meetings — you only pay for food, no reservation costs!
  • The “Four Seasons Room” beyond the bar is equipped with air conditioning, heating, fans, shades, and a heated floor — no matter the weather, you’ve got a patio to sit on!
  • What other tidbits do you know about The Twisted Olive? Share them in the comments!


Here are a few pictures I took while visiting both locations.

Gervasi’s Crush House and The Twisted Olive, An Inside Look

North Canton Caffe Gelato

If you need an escape from Ohio and would love to visit the tastes of Italy, take a trip over to Caffe Gelato — right downtown North Canton. For this past week’s installment of our “Monday Munchies,” we sat down with the co-owner of the small cafe that has been serving downtown North Canton for years. You can see more information here on our Facebook Page post.

The small business that was established out of a love for great community and great espresso has become a must visit spot. Their seats are filled morning, noon and night with locals who are enjoying Caffe Gelato’s imported espresso and locally homemade gelato. Caffe Gelato of North Canton hosts small parties, serves an array of delicious lunch options and always, always partners with locals when they are looking to expand their offerings. For example, there is a local baker who supplies all of their pastries!

If you live in North Canton and you haven’t tried their array of espresso drinks, you absolutely must pay them a visit.

North Canton’s Caffe Gelato

North Canton, Ohio is packed full of wonderful restaurants and local businesses. In an effort to raise the awareness of all that North Canton has to offer, I have been scouting out local eateries. You can follow all of my stops by Liking our Facebook Page. Just recently, I paid a visit to North Canton’s BAM! Healthy Cuisine to get an inside look at what they do. They went above and beyond serving us so I am going beyond a Facebook post and writing an article about our experience with them.

First off, I want to say that I am no stranger to either their employees or their menu. My wife and I first fell in love with them when they were on the northern end of North Canton, not far from ACME Fresh Markets. At that time, they had a tiny restaurant that better catered to take-out dining. They have since filled a much larger and busier space in their transition to Washington Square — still in North Canton but this time right across from Walsh University.

Now to the reason I’m putting my thoughts to “paper” here: I stopped in to feature BAM! Healthy Cuisine in our series of #MondayMunchies and #EatLocal posts. I took pictures of the location before enjoying my pizza (P.S. This also happened to be the same day that Ohio State University smashed the Oregon Ducks — #Undisputed). As I was closing the box, Caryl stopped by my table and thanked me for both stopping in and featuring BAM! Healthy Cuisine in our social media series.

Caryl followed up with me not long after that and questioned whether or not we would be interested in catering any events with their food. I didn’t even know that they did catering. We worked together on coordinating a small meal for our team in house and they provided us with way more than we could have imagined.

This is simply a thank you for being such a great local presence. A thank you for believing in quality products and in quality staffing which will only help to make North Canton a better place. To our readers, if you have yet to stop in and visit BAM! Healthy Cuisine in North Canton then please make sure that you do.

Here is more information about BAM! from their website:

Great Food Right Around The Corner.

Great Food Right Around The Corner.

B.A.M. Healthy Cuisine is committed to the health, well being and satisfaction of each and every customer. We strive to meet the individual needs of our patrons by understanding their dietary concerns and offering a wide variety of menu items in return. B.A.M. Healthy Cuisine uses the freshest ingredients possible and supports only the local growers and suppliers, as it is the local community that is the mainstay of our success.

Thank you, BAM! Healthy Cuisine

North Canton digital marketing firm, Sanctuary Marketing Group is proud to announce they are a recipients of the 2014 Weatherhead 100 Upstart Award through Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

About Weatherhead 100

From Sanctuary Marketing Group’s founding in 2006, President Chris Auman and CEO Kelly Brown believed in using the evolving tools of the internet along with long-standing marketing principals to grow a business through advanced digital marketing strategies. As Kelly stated in a recent interview, “We are able to draw end results to the activities that we are doing and that is, I think, our differentiators. That’s what I think business owners react to the fact that we are accountable to results.”

The Weatherhead 100 Upstart award celebrates the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio. This year marks the 26th annual Weatherhead 100 awards cycle. Companies are evaluated on their growth over the past four years. The award committee reviews financial data from 2009 through 2013 and has three tiers of awards based on the size of the companies for the start and finish of that time frame.

Sanctuary Marketing Group is thrilled to receive such an honor. Sanctuary considers this a bellwether milestone in the history of the company that stands as a testament to the hard work, enthusiasm, and energy of its dedicated team of digital marketing professionals. The staff at Sanctuary Marketing Group spans the historic and technical depths of digital marketing. Team members cover the full range of knowledge including those who have worked in marketing since the early days of the internet through designers and coders who are abreast of the latest innovations and trends.

However, as most of their clients can attest, what sets Sanctuary Marketing Group apart is their unique ability to listen truly to their clients’ needs. Through listening, Sanctuary develops an understanding of the nuances that engage, challenge and delight their clients through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

On December 4th, Sanctuary Marketing Group will send team members to the Weatherhead 100 event at Landerhaven. The team looks forward to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Northeast Ohio.

For more information on Sanctuary Marketing Group, please contact our North Canton offices at 330.266.1188.

Sanctuary Marketing Group Nominated for 2014 Weatherhead 100 Upstart Winner

Local North Canton, Ohio TV 11 Main Street Exchange Interviews Sanctuary Marketing Group

Chris Auman and Kelly Brown of Sanctuary Marketing Group, in North Canton, Ohio, were invited to TV 11 with Doug Lane of the North Canton Area Chamber of Commerce Main Street Exchange to discuss the growth of their company and the different avenues of digital marketing (SEO, Website Design, Graphic Design, Analytics and Statistics, Social Media Marketing and much more).

North Canton is growing dramatically. The expansion of local businesses and renovation of downtown’s historic Hoover District has caused quite the buzz and excitement for those who call North Canton home — including Sanctuary Marketing Group. Please take a moment to watch Doug Lane of the North Canton Area Chamber of Commerce interview Chris Auman and Kelly Brown of Sanctuary Marketing Group. Get to know our company and our services in case you ever need help with digital marketing.


Doug: Welcome to Main Street exchange presented by the North Canton Chamber of Commerce — North Canton City Schools TV 11. These programs focus on economic, educational, governmental and community issues directly impacting North Canton and the surrounding area. This addition to Main Street exchange looks at a new business located in the Hoover District but not a new business to us, the Sanctuary Marketing Group. Our guests are Kelly Brown and Chris Auman. We want to welcome Kelly and Chris to the Main Street Exchange — Good morning!

Chris: Thanks for having us.

Kelly: Thanks.

Doug: Let’s talk little bit — Periodically we do these programs with entrepreneurs. We want to find out what started the whole idea and how things develop. I mentioned that you are new to the Hoover District but not necessarily new to our area. You were just north of town for a while. Tell us about how Sanctuary, what used to be media group and now marketing group. What are the origins?

Chris: I ended up working at the Akron Beacon Journal. This is back in the day when the Commercial Internet was kind of just getting started. I thought this is something that I really like to get involved with. So worked there for about 10 years getting their website, [www.Ohio.com] up to speed. We did all kinds of things to figure out how to make money with the Internet. We started to develop websites for clients, so that they could advertise on the site. All those kind of things. There I learned a lot about Internet marketing, developing websites and things like that. It is kind of became my life doing that. So eventually I broke from there, started my own business and grew from there.

Doug: Okay and then you linked up with Kelly at some point in time.

Chris:  Yup.

Kelly: Yes, we have been friends since the fourth grade. So we have known each other for years. Our careers went different tracks but we have always kept close in touch ever since high school. It just came up with the opportunity. I was working with a publishing firm doing the marketing directing there and a number of other things. Just the opportunity came that he was growing. I was looking for an opportunity, we started working together and now we are business partners.

Doug: Great.

Kelly: So we’re very happy. We are a good partnership.

Doug: So how long has Sanctuary been around?

Kelly: Nine years. Since 2006

Chris: It is going to be about nine years. Yes.

Doug: Before moving to the Hoover District you were at North Main just past Family Video but were you somewhere before that too?

Kelly: Yes.

Doug: So, this is your third move?

Kelly: His home. His basement

[Over talking]

Doug: True entrepreneurs.

Chris: Yes.

Doug: Alright, so you were working out of your basement basically.

Chris: Yes every business has to start somewhere. Right?

Doug: Well in your business | We were talking yesterday at a meeting about how used to have to dial up the Internet. If someone else picked up the auxiliary phone you would lose your connection. Things like that.

Kelly: Right. Right.

Doug: That was not that long ago. I can imagine that over nine years time what’s happened with your industry. The movements that have taken place and the fact that somebody could basically do this out of your car not as well as you could in an office space having the resources available but it is pretty easy to get on, start doing code and doing websites. So how do you differentiate yourself and keep up to date with all these changes that are happening almost every day?

Kelly: That is the challenge. There is a number of people. They are a lot of competitors that’s because the barrier of entry is very small. But it still has to do with — do you understand how to grow a business? Do you know how to market? There are a lot of people who know how to program. There are a lot of people who know how to do “SEO” (whatever that means). Our job is to help businesses grow and our difference is that we are accountable to results. We understand marketing. We understand that unless you have a website that helps grow your business — and that means leads being generated or sales being generated or people coming into the store — then you are not going to continue to invest in it. We are able to draw end results to the activities that we are doing and that is, I think, our differentiators. That’s what I think business owners react to the fact that we are accountable to results. We can show them how the things that we doing are helping them. In the end that is the only way that they will keep investing in us is if we can prove that will valuable to them.

Doug: So a business owner can go out and create his or her own website. That is not hard to do and you can get is hosted. But having the follow-through and all the things to be done, that’s where you folks step in.

Kelly: Yes we say in the business that the website can never really be done. Usually most of our customers on their second or third website. So they have been around the block. They know the terminology. The know what kind of what is happening in the space. They are familiar with search engine marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), social media or whatever they might be but those are not tactics. What we do is really understand holistically what things are happening so we can have that conversation. I’d rather talk to people who are on that second or third time around because then there is an education process that does not really have to happen on that. Now they’re ready, saying, “Oh I had a website. Now I’m ready to earn the money.”

Doug: Sure and you can do them as simple or as complicated as someone wants them to be. Who are some your clients?

Chris: We have clients all across the board. I have clients from some of the very early days. We have physicians, musicians and all kinds of people. It is all across the board. But we work with local companies even like [Aden fresh markets]. All the way up to large national companies like YRC Trucking.

Kelly: Eaton Corporation.

Chris: Yes, Eaton Corporation.

Kelly: We also recently signed up Ohio specialty vehicles, OBS Specialty Vehicles which does blood mobiles and bookmobiles locally. Inn at Belden Village — so there is a number of local businesses that will working with. Ferriot, which is a manufacturer. It is all over the board with manufacturers, small retail chains, large retail chains and industrial.

Chris: Yes.

Doug: All of this is coming directly out of the Hoover District.

Kelly: It is.

Doug: If people can imagine: When you walk into that 219. Once you can finally get to the 219 building; As we are taping they are still doing work on Maple Street. But when you going to the 219, you are on the left-hand side. Okay, so it is the old Mr. Watch location.

Kelly: Yes.

Doug: That is for people who have been to the building before. What made you choose North Canton?

Chris: Well both, Kelly and I, have lived here for over a decade. All of our kids go to school here. We go to church here. It’s our home so we wanted to just be a part of the community. When we find out that they are really making efforts to develop the Hoover district we really got excited and kind of wanted to be a part of that. I think the things they’re are saying that they are going to do in that area are just going to be amazing. We just want to be a part of it.

Doug: You got a long-term lease if I remember right?

Chris: Oh yes.

Kelly: Yes we do. We are there 10 years. I hope to stay there longer. I do not want to move again.

Doug: I do not blame you after three times.

Kelly: Right.

Doug: It is better than his basement.

Kelly: Yes it is better.

Chris: Well my basement is pretty nice.

[Group laugh]

Kelly: But no, we’re are there for a long time. We’re very lucky to have gotten in there. I think we were one of the last open spaces that got into Building 11, which is what they call it. They are certainly expanding beyond that. Just the growth that is going on there. Even the changes in the North Canton area from getting the Washington Square. I remember when they first put the Giant Eagle in and now it is like…

Doug: I remember when it was a field and a tree.

Kelly: Yes.

Doug: And then to Hoover building.

Kelly: Now we got these restaurants coming in. So there are all these people working. Quite frankly, we are both small-town people and we always have those big city dreams. This is kind of the best of both worlds. We get to work and live in a small town yet we have this building where there is a lot of activity. There are people around. You can go to the local restaurants to eat. It’s just so much around here that we love living here and working here.

Doug: Sure. And how big is your company now? I know you have some growth coming. Where are you at right now?

Kelly: We are 15 and hiring our 16th person as we speak. Last year we were eight people at this time.

Doug: Okay and you’re in the process to or is this post merger.

Kelly: This is post merger where we are at. Yes.

Doug: That’s because you are looking. The last time we chatted you are getting another company under your umbrella.

Kelly: They are with us. The date of the move-in was the date of the merger. So it was perfect timing. We worked with this company for years. So I’ve actually been a customer of theirs and they’ve been a customer of ours for years. We are very closely collected with the team so this is a natural connection to start working with them and it’s just been great. I couldn’t say enough about it of the timing of everything coming together. The people coming together. This a good type of excitement and morale kind of thing going on.

Doug: You talk about other firms too. We have a number in the chamber with Innis Maggiore Group, Covey-Odell Advertising Ltd. We got a number of solo operators that do a great job of that basement still. You folks all work together share leads and things? Is it as cutthroat as some industries are?

Kelly: Well it is competitive see you have to be good. Certainly we’re going to see business from other competitors and they are going to see business from us but ultimately we are pretty friendly. We really try to stay focused that’s because we can do print media, we can’t do a lot of things that another. Just like you said the industry is changing so fast. We’re staying focused on digital marketing. So unless we stay in that niche were going to get distracted by all of these things. Our focus is really what helps us. While it is competitive it is not cutthroat. We worked pretty well with the number of our competitors. We subcontract with them and they subcontract with us. There’s plenty of business to go around.

Doug: The digital markets, does that also includes social media?

Kelly: It does. It includes website development, website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) and social media. Yes.

Doug: Digital media we’ve been talking a lot about and that is especially but does it also includes social media?

Kelly: Yes it does.

Doug: You’ve got so many different options available on social media. Chris, how do you get a company, an individual or a magician into that area. What are you looking for to help them.

Chris: Well, it’s like he said. There are a lot of different things that companies could be doing. One of our big things that we do is strategy. It is our job to help a client by guiding them to what they should be doing or what they should not be doing. Social media is specifically not right for every body. So it is our job to go in there and tell them if they should be doing it and guide them on how they should be doing it. With all the tactics, I think that is one of the things just like you talked earlier about how… (How do I want to say this). Our job is to guide our clients and with social media we have people on staff who are experts at that – who can come in and help define a specific strategy for people with how to deal with that. It is more than just setting up Twitter and just start throwing stuff out there.

Kelly: Right.

Chris: There is a strategy so all these things and how to do them properly.

Doug: Facebook is almost the old timer on the block now. Right? It’s been around a while, so I would think that everybody you suggest to have a Facebook page.

Kelly: Not necessarily it varies. Facebook is very good for B to C (B2C) type of customer relations. LinkedIn tends to be better for B to B (B2B) — People who are looking for project managers. That’s because when we work for manufacturer to have a Facebook page does not really vibe with them so to speak. They go, “I don’t know why I need it”. But it may make sense for establishing a culture, establishing your personality. You not going to make a big sale off of that. But from LinkedIn you can have a connection. The strategy is a little bit different in the fact that you try to grow your contact, to set yourself up as an expert in your industry and build connections. From there, they all have different approaches. They all fit in whether it is social media, Facebook, Twitter or whatever those things are. There is a strategy for that and then this a top level strategy overall of what you’re trying to accomplish with marketing. If you have the total marketing then you understand where the digital marketing fits and then you figure out where the social marketing is. Our fear is in one of the things that we run into a lot is people say they want a Twitter strategy or a Facebook strategy and those are tactics. It has to fit in to what are you trying to accomplish.

Doug: Even the chamber has Twitter. I don’t think I’ve posted anything on there for a year. I just do not have the time. We do keep are our Facebook updated. In our world Twitter isn’t really something that a chamber of Congress really needs.  It is nice to have but it does not need it. So we are probably a good example of what you’re talking about.

Kelly: But an argument could be made for both. I think it really depends on your business on your industry and what you’re going to use to measure success. I think a lot of times people start down that track and we ran into so many people who have twitter. He and I have different… He loves Twitter. I am not so much a twitter guy. So it is a personality and where you going to relate to. The good thing is if you measure and figure out what should be happening then you can keep interested in it. If you are just | a lot of people start in spurts and then nothing will happen. Well they think nothing is happening and then they will abandon it. That is just wasted effort and resources.

Doug: You talked about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. How do you … I will suppose that Google is the big dog?

Kelly: Yes they are.

Doug: But you’ve also got things like Bing and Ask Jeeves. I do not know if that is still around. Yahoo. Do each one of those particular search engines had different codes and things that you have to deal with.

Kelly: They do and the world of search has kind of changed as well because he used to be a lot about technical, “are you programming it right”, “are you feeding in things” and that is an aspect of it. There is the technical mumbo-jumbo that goes into making sure the search engines can find you. You’re presenting your information correctly but ultimately what they all want is someone who is searching for something from this site to find the most relevant information. So, if you have relevant information and you are presenting it in the right way that helps you communicate with your customers. You’re going to do well. It just about investing in the right areas. Understanding what your market wants. Is no different than any other marketing. I don’t think is changed since Dale Carnegie. It is who you are talking to.

Doug: You might have to Google that one.

Kelly: Yes.

Doug: It is been a while.

Kelly: But I do not think is changed. It is how to win friends and influence people. You present good information, you present it in a correct way and you will do well. But you have to think through who your customers are, who you want them to be and from there you can build a successful online marketing campaign.

Doug: How do you take your customers into the mobile realm of iPads, smart phones and what do they call them now, phablets?

Kelly: Yes.

Doug:… And other things. I heard at a conference that one of the fastest-growing markets for phablet is 65+. They want to do to communicate with their grandchildren and find out what the next golf game is going to be and everything else but they do not want to deal with a small phone. So, how do you take too a customer and say you have to be all of these platforms.

Kelly: You do. The biggest case is — what I would say with anybody who has a website for their business. Unless they have something like Google analytic, which is a free tool that Google has that lets you monitor who is coming to your site, that would tell you what your percentage of visitors are that are mobile users. We’re starting to see people anywhere from 25% to 40% and sometimes 60% of the visitors coming from mobile. So makes the business case of if people can’t see your site. Then you take a look at what this site looks like on a mobile phone. So that makes the business case of do you want 25 to 60% of your people to see it. The good thing is there is something called responsive design and responsive design is if you break it down it is pretty much what it sounds like. Depending upon what device they’re on, it responds and presents the right thing to it. Is not about building a different site it’s about figuring out what is going to look like on a tablet, on a phone and making sure that you made those decisions and prioritized the type of content so that it presents well on those different devices. It is a little technical but ultimately one site should serve them all.

Doug: One of the platforms that I hear an awful lot about now is WordPress.

[Over talking]

Doug: You folks do some stuff with WordPress…

Kelly: We are heavy into WordPress.

Doug: Is that something which is taking over the world?

Kelly: What was the statistic about 23% of all sites are on WordPress. Surely that is going to include a lot of independents. There is a lot of volume of that but people like the New York Times. They are large sites on WordPress.

Doug: Maybe explain to the viewers what WordPress is all about.

Chris: WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Which is kind of the backbone of your website. Everything is built on that and is very much like a Microsoft word kind of interface in the background. So anybody can log in and make changes to their website, to make things bold and make links. It is very intuitive. It is just the backbone of your website. It is software. We love it. We built all of our websites on it. The good thing is our clients are not locked into any kind of proprietary system. If they wanted to they could pick it up and put it onto another server with someone else and go. A lot of our competitors sell homegrown content management systems (CMS) that have to be paid for and continually maintained. There is a monthly or yearly fee. That kind of stuff. We really don’t like to have our clients married to something like that.

Doug: They do updates quite often don’t they?

Chris: Yes they do.

Doug: Is it kind of a freeware type of things where people can come in and change things?

Kelly: You want to guard against that. You want to be careful about how it goes out.

Doug: Right.

Chris: Really, the good thing is that it allows us as a company to provide much more affordable services for our clients because it has a lot of the bits and pieces build in. A lot of things we can pull off the shelf and plug it in. We go were some other companies will build all those things from scratch and therefore it will cost a lot more money.

Doug: So that helps the bottom line and everything you do as well right? You talked about almost doubling in size. Obviously you want to try to hopefully keep growing. Where do you get your folks? Do you look local first or do you look national first?

Kelly: Well, our business is to help businesses attract business. So, they come to us. Our business is 100% inbound. We are focusing on the local market. As I said, “We are local people with local business who want to serve the local market”. That is our focus.

Doug: How about employees? Where you draw from?

Kelly: Most of them are from North Canton. Some of them are Canton. I think we have one that lives in Bolivar. A couple people are in Copley but they are all local. They are all from around here.

Doug: Okay so if you got a Kent graphic design student or somebody from Walsh or even from Hoover that graduates then you would at least entertain them dropping you a resume and letting you know that they are available?

Kelly: Yes.

Chris: Always looking for good talent.

Doug: Well if somebody wants to get in touch with you, Sanctuary Marketing Group. They might be listed somewhere as Sanctuary Media Group because that was your older name before you moved. They can find you in the 219 building on East Maple. Where do they find you on the web and how they contact you in the old days on the telephone.

Kelly: Sanctuary MG as in www.sanctuarymg.com. Then it is 330-266-1188 (phone).

Doug: Okay we appreciate both of you folks being here today. First of all we appreciate you coming to North Canton and growing in North Canton and being a part of North Canton. Looking forward among with everyone else says in North Canton but also being on the program today. Hopefully people have learned a little bit not only just about your business and entrepreneur ism but also what your business is.

Kelly: We appreciate it.

Doug: Thanks for being on Main Street exchange.

Chris: Thank you.

Kelly: Thank you.

Audio Transcript End

Sanctuary Marketing Group and North Canton Chamber of Commerce on TV 11

Sanctuary Marketing Group has donated a new logo to support the MNK Project. The MNK Project is a new division of The Kaderly Foundation. This new division will honor the memory of a brave young Manchester girl, Megan Nicole Kasmar with a memorial scholarship for Manchester High School graduates.


Megan’s Story

Megan was a brave, loving daughter, sister, and student of Manchester High School. She loved life and lived it to the full. Megan was a cheerleader and a member of the homecoming court. At 11 months of age, Megan had developed Rhabdo Myo Sacrcoma (lung cancer). After years of many treatments, in and out of the hospital, and lots of prayer, Megan overcame the cancer, and she was cancer-free for 10 years. But the cancer and the treatments had left scars in her lungs that later became the problem that took her life. At the age of 15, Megan got a cold that developed into pulmonary fibrosis. To survive, Megan would need a double lung transplant. That transplant never came, and Megan went home to be with the Lord on March 17, 2011, her 16th birthday.

What Megan Taught Us

Megan fought her battle bravely. She was a girl of courage and faith. She taught us to trust God and to fight hard. Megan taught us to live the Golden Rule. Just as she wished for an organ donor, Megan was an organ donor herself. Although her time may have faded, her spirit is very much alive.

The Kaderly Foundation

The Kaderly Foundation honors the memory of former Manchester Football Coach Rick Kaderly with 2 scholarships. The Kaderly Foundation also donates items to the youth programs of the area to help enhance the participant’s experience. They are proud to announce the formation of the new division which houses another scholarship.

MNK Project Gets New Logo

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