Website speed and rankings

What’s the Weight of Site Speed in Overall Ranking?

In the world of SEO, there is always a latest-and-greatest ranking factor that sites around the globe focus on for a period of time, before…

Color Psychology and Your Website

Color Psychology and Your Website

When building or redesigning a website, there are seemingly endless decisions to be made. From the layout of the pages to the content that you…

A new trend in website design

A New Trend in Website Design: Incorporating Illustrations and Abstract Designs for Bolder, More Unique Experiences

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Inbound marketing - organic traffic

Organic Traffic is Down… Now What?

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Three fixes to improve site speed

3 Quick Fixes to Improve Website Speed

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Website Success Accessibility Best Practices

Website Accessibility Best Practices

It’s easy to take the accessibility of the web for granted. Without any disabilities to overcome, you probably have little trouble using the various websites…

Why track with Google Analytics?

Why Track Goals with Google Analytics?

For millions of website owners, tracking their site’s performance with Google Analytics is a regular part of their process. But why do so many site…

WP plugins for small businesses

​​Five Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

Plugins are a huge part of what makes WordPress such a wildly popular website platform. Rather than having to custom build any new feature you…


10+ reasons why Woo Commerce is a great choice for an e-commerce store

WooCommerce is owned by Automattic, the company that created WordPress. WooCommerce is supported by a passionate community of partners, developers, and business leaders that aim…


Comparing E-Commerce Platforms: WooCommerce vs. Shopify

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E-Commerce – What to consider when you’re getting started

I was recently hanging out with my dad and we started talking about a trip that he took with my mother to pick up baking…


Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Every website needs a host to deliver it to the internet at large. While it’s technically possible to host your own site on your own…


How a great website can build trust

As I've mentioned before, subtle choices that a web designer makes with the look and feel of a website are critical to the success of…


Why choose WordPress for your website content management system

So, to get started, what is Wordpress? Wordpress is free, open-source software that's used as the foundation of your website as a content management system.…


The Importance of Hiring a Professional Website Team with Synergy

Hiring a contractor is never easy. Whether you are hiring for professional or personal reasons, there is a lot of pressure to pick the right…