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How results can happen fast and then keep increasing with an ongoing internet marketing campaign.

Client Bio: Founded in 1931 Jennings Heating has grown from a coal company into one of Ohio’s largest full service heating and cooling companies. Jennings supports all of your residential and business heating and cooling needs including: heating and air conditioning repairduct cleaning, solar, geothermal, door and window awnings, and retractable awnings.

Why we were hired:

We did not design or develop the website for Jennings Heating and Cooling but they realized that their website was not performing up to it’s potential since the developer was just focused on design and not making websites “work” and return on their investment. We were hired to come in and assess and optimize the current website, to setup a blog and to begin a content marketing campaign to grow their traffic for relevant, organic searches within Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Goals: To increase organic traffic and conversions and show measurable results quickly. Budget is watched closely at Jennings and we had to show that the work we were doing was affecting the bottom line.


Ultimately we realized that to grow the website traffic we would have to get Jennings Heating and Cooling to show up for searches that did not contain their company name. Since they are a well known company in the area they were getting some traction from their name but we need them to show up for general searches. To do this we began a content marketing campaign that targets the terms that surround their core services of heating and cooling outside Akron, Ohio where they are known. This would result in customers learning about the company when they’re looking for a service provider and then calling in to get service.

In addition to a content marketing strategy we suggested improvements to their website that include minor design and text changes for conversion and for search engine optimization. We setup a blog based on WordPress and continually spent time behind the scenes to develop landing pages that convert visitors to customers.

We have also spent time with local search marketing where we are also helping them to appear in places where they were missing opportunities previously.

Time Frame: Ongoing

7/2011 – Current


The results below show the initial traffic results for the website and the increasing trend. The graphs are from the report that we presented when we were asked to justify the work we performed initially.

Traffic Increases: Organic traffic to the website is on an upward trend and has increased from below 400 visitors a month to 763 in October.

Conversions of Visitors: Starting in July we started tracking website conversions which are people that are arriving on several different pages that are considered ideal places to convert a visitor to a customer.

Bounces: Website bounces are when someone arrives on a website and then immediately leaves. Through our changes to the website we have helped to reduced this by improving their navigation and conversion points so people stay engaged with the website. A decrease by almost 10% over the course of several months is excellent progress. You will always have bounces but at 39% we are entering into acceptable territory.

bounce rate

Sample Rankings: As of November 2011

Term: heating and cooling company akron ohio
Google Ranking: #1

There are many more terms where Jennings is improving their visibility but to show you a specific example, they wanted to expand their range within specific areas of Northeast Ohio. Using the example of furnace repair we can show the progress that we’ve made in a short time with many page 1 listings for their priority cities.

Term: Furnace Repair Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #7

Term: Furnace Repair Portage Lakes Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #1

Term: Furnace Repair Hudson Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #4

Term: Furnace Repair Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #6

Term: Furnace Repair Wadsworth Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #6

Term: Furnace Repair Mogadore Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #2

Term: Furnace Repair Kent Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #6

Term: Furnace Repair Stow Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #5

Term: Furnace Repair Ravenna Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #6

Term: Furnace Repair Silver Lake Ohio
Google Ranking: First Page, #4