Lauren Zils

Lauren Zils

Lauren Zils is a digital marketing strategist at Sanctuary, with over 10 years of marketing strategy experience. Lauren would say, if the amount of love you have for your work were equivalent to your height in inches, she would be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest woman. But since this analogy is not reality, she is stuck with her 5”1 (on a good day) frame. But don’t let her small height fool you. The amount of creativity and energy and she puts into our clients packs a large punch.

She worked for 8 years side-by-side with Kelly Brown, our CEO and Senior Strategist, as a Marketing Manager for Communication Resources, Inc., a dominant player and publisher in the church market. In this position she gained invaluable experience in planning marketing strategies for the company’s numerous products and publications and managed a team in the execution of those strategies. She gained experience in traditional direct marketing channels including direct mail campaigns, catalog development, telemarketing campaigns, email campaigns, web ads, pay-per-click and more.

When she moved on from Communication Resources, she grew into her own when stepping into the position as Marketing Manager for Shiffler Equipment Sales, Inc., one of the primary distributors of equipment for the education market. At Shiffler, they relied on her to identify new product opportunities, to nurture supplier and partner relationships, to develop corporate marketing strategy and oversee the execution of these strategies. In addition, she managed the budget for 50+ key industry trade shows attended nationally as well as developed and managed an internal telesales team (phew!) For someone who admittedly loves to work, this was a dream come true for a Marketing Strategy nut, but an hour and fifteen minute daily drive to work from North Canton to Chardon beat out her love of the job. Insert Kelly Brown, previous coworker and all around fun guy to work with, swooping up Lauren, the Marketing Strategy nut, to work for the “good guys” at Sanctuary and that brings us to where we are now.

Beyond loving work, Lauren has a greater love for her husband Jason, her dog Izzy and her cats Willow and River. She finds living near her sister Megan, brother-in-law Scott, mom Susan, and dad Kevin more fulfilling then living in a bustling city. She has an above-average pride in graduating from Ohio University and makes sure to wear her OU t-shirt to work at least once a month. She has yet to give up on the Cleveland Browns. She will drag any one of us to Pita Pit for lunch at any chance she gets. And finally and most importantly, she loves ketchup … A LOT.

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