Chris Auman

Chris Auman

Chris Auman is a veteran Internet marketer, website developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience in the trenches. As President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, Chris has successfully guided the online marketing efforts for companies large and small. Chris’ clients range from family owned & operated retail operations with a local footprint of 1-10 stores to multinational Fortune 500 companies. Through his extensive and wide-ranging experience with design, development, and Internet marketing, Chris is able to come to the table and solve problems from all angles and continually deliver profitable results for his clients. When asked by his mother ‘What do you do, again?’ Chris takes a deep breath and says, “We make our clients’ websites a productive, revenue generating part of their business.”

The Background:

Chris Auman is the President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, an Internet marketing agency in North Canton, Ohio. Chris has been working professionally as a Internet marketer, website developer, designer, and starving artist since 1989. Over the years he’s built a diversified portfolio of experiences to say the least. Chris started his professional “online” career in 1994 by diving head first into the role of Creative Director for an advertising agency in Fairlawn, Ohio. That same year he built his first web site and he’s been immersed in Internet marketing and everything “web” related ever since.

After a 10 year stint at Knight Ridder Digital where he was instrumental in developing one of the first large scale news websites ( as well as guiding website development and marketing for hundreds of small businesses, Chris joined 168 Marketing Group, Inc. As a managing partner he helped double the size of the company in just under a year. Now, as President and Senior Strategist of Sanctuary, he continues to deliver the effective solutions and high client satisfaction that has become his hallmark.

Chris has a degree in graphic design and illustration which makes him a unique animal in the world of Internet marketing. He’s got a designer’s eye, but he comes armed with a love of the technical side of Internet marketing as well. Unlike a traditional “designer”, Chris sees design as another effective tool in his arsenal that’s available to meet the goals of the engagement. His magic formula is to combine his extensive and wide-ranging skills and experience with an unrelenting devotion to effective Internet marketing strategy. The result is successful clients and profitable results.

To round it all out, Chris is an accomplished photographer and artist, music nut, husband, and father of two wild boys and one amazing daughter. He lives in North Canton Ohio with his wife, kids, and dog Cole (A black Cocker Spaniel).

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