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Emails, are you sick of them yet? On any given day I can expect to receive between 30-50 emails, and I know people who receive two to three times that amount per day. With all of this information to filter through it’s easy to see how promotional emails can get lost in the mix.

So as a small business owner or marketing manager you may be asking yourself; “Why bother putting in the effort if no one is going to see or open my promotional emails?” Good question.small-business-email-marketing

Here are 10 eye-opening facts about Email Marketing that you should know:

  • The total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase to over 4.3 billion accounts by year-end 2016. – Radicati Group
  • Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. – Direct Marketing Association
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. – EmailExpert
  • Companies utilizing email in lead nurturing campaigns generate 50% more sales-ready leads and at 33% lower cost. – Hubspot
  • Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion. – McKinsey & Company
  • 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day on their smartphone, making it the most used functionality. – ExactTarget
  • Marketers consistently ranked email as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention. – Gigaom Research
  • You are 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet. – Campaign Monitor
  • Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social. – Monetate
  • Email’s ROI was 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail. – Chief Marketer

These statistics show that email campaigns – done correctly – can indeed produce tangible results. Email shouldn’t be ruled out as a valid marketing tactic, no matter how personally annoying they may seem.


Wondering whether or not an email campaign could be beneficial for your business? Sanctuary Marketing has a team dedicated to delivering results through email marketing campaigns. Contact us or gives us a call to see if this might be the right marketing tactic for your business.


Email Marketing Campaign Stats

email-marketing-best-practicesEmail marketing can be one of the most easiest and affordable ways to connect with a customer. All you have to do is load up your million-and-one subscriber list and fire away, right? Well, not so fast Ramrod. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that you’re doing it correctly and actually reaching your target audience.

The following rules and tips will help you understand some of the important elements that go into effective email marketing and how you can keep from getting yourself in trouble. Even if you make it to the inbox, all it takes is one click to skip, delete or unsubscribe from the list. So take a little extra time and follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be on the path from sinus supremus to marketing supremacy before you know it. (more…)

Email Marketing Best Practices – The Basics

email marketingYou finally have quite an impressive email marketing campaign in place and are ready to launch it and wait for the results. Sounds easy enough and sounds like the results will be rewarding enough. Problem is that may not be the case. The issue could be that your email marketing campaign is great for everyone expect those who access it through a mobile device.

This may not sound like much of an issue, until you consider the steady rise in those who are using mobile devices these days. Also, if you were to consider the amount of mobile device users who now take care of things such as email or accessing their social media networking sites such as Facebook. If an app doesn’t work correctly, a site isn’t user friendly on a mobile device or the email in your campaign isn’t compatible with a mobile device, it’s money and effort down the drain.

Taking Careful Steps

Before you launch that new email marketing campaign, it is important then to test how your email will read on a mobile device. One key aspect is that the email itself is readable on a device like this. If so then the next most important aspect is to see how it comes through if it is meant to be interactive. If you have a call to action in your email marketing campaign, you need to know it is actionable from a mobile device. (more…)

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Mobile Ready?

email marketingEven though the trend seems to be to move towards focusing on inbound marketing, new reports indicate that 67% of organizations plan on increasing their email budget this year. The important thing to understand, though, is that the focus on what the budget includes and how the money should be invested has shifted. Email is still a vital part of an internet marketing campaign. It just has to work in a different way now.

For one main example, the use of email as outbound marketing has been replaced in several ways. One of the most important uses for email marketing now is for use as part of lead nurturing as a result of inbound marketing techniques. It may sound a bit confusing but think of it like this – email was once important for trying to reach out to people to try to convert them into potential customers; email is now more important for trying to convert potential customers who reached out to you into actual sales.

Email and Lead Nurturing

There are a number of approaches one can use for lead nurturing. It starts with how much work you are willing to invest. As important as this is to your business, you should be realistic about including this as much as possible. While trying to get subscribers to your email list is crucial to your business, it is now equally important to grow this list. In fact, it is also equally important to be able to retain the subscribers you have. (more…)

67% of Organizations Plan on Increasing Email Budget in 2012

email marketingYour email marketing strategy could use a little help. Really, no matter how great you think it is there is always room for improvement. If you want to see higher conversion rates, then you should be looking at every way possible to get your content marketing and inbound marketing working for you. So no matter how great you think your campaign is, why not review some ways you may even be able to improve upon it.

# 1 — Great Subject Lines Yield Great Open Rates

This should be a no-brainer for anyone who has been working with content marketing or email marketing for any length of time. The subject line is your hook and can make all the difference in whether someone reads your email or not. These words are possibly more important than the content itself. If your subject line cannot entice people to read on, you will have little chance of success with your email marketing campaign.

How can you do this? Well it isn’t rocket science; you just need to entice, intrigue or entertain people enough to get them to continue. For example, if you can raise their curiosity, people will want to read on. Keep it simple and as brief as possible. For local marketing make sure you include the area in the subject line, too.

# 2 — Don’t Bury The Lead

Put your most important information at the top of your email. Be brief. Be to the point and then expand on idea your introducing. Not most email programs show a preview of the content before opening the email. So many of your readers are seeing both the headline and the first few sentences of your email.  Exploit this real estate for all its worth to improve the chance that people will continue reading.

# 3 — Learn from EVERY Email You Send Using Split Tests 

How do you improve results? By asking questions. Or in this case, using split tests to gauge the relative effectiveness of certain variables on your audience. A Split Test (or A/B Test) is simply what it sounds like, taking your house list and ‘splitting’ it in to separate email distributions. You test one variable at a time to determine best practices for your audience. Things you can split test include:

  • Subject Lines
  • Most effective day to send
  • Best time of day to send
  • How important personalization is for your content
  • Topics which garner the most interest
  • Design & layout considerations (for click through etc).


5 Tips to Improve Open Rates on Your Email Marketing Campaign

qr codesQR codes are quickly becoming a common popular approach to get people more engaged in your store. It is also a way to enable them to stay in contact creating a customer base with more brand loyalty. When your customers or potential customers do things such as join your email list or ‘like’ your page on Facebook, you are building one of the most valuable assets a business can have nowadays, which is a social media and content marketing following. If you are not already using QR codes you should know more about them to learn how to build your email list.

QR Codes for Marketing for Local Retailers

The first thing you may be wondering is what exactly QR code is. You have probably already seen the square barcode displayed in local establishments. QR code stands for Quick Response Code and is a two-dimensional code used to store a great deal of data. It can contain numeric, alphanumeric, binary and Kanji information as well as supported extensions of practically all other types of data. Most commonly this type of code is used by customers with their smart phones or even Nintendo 3DS. (more…)

Local Retailers Can Use QR Codes to Build Their Email List

email marketingOne of the most valuable assets a business can have is an email list. This list is how you can reach out to countless customers or potential customers through email marketing. Of course, simply having an email list is nowhere near as important as putting it to good use. Good use as in making it work for you. Using an auto-responder and a drip marketing approach to contacting people are some of the best methods to use for a valuable email list.

Understanding Drip Email Marketing

Drip email is an approach marketers can use to keep in contact with customers and potential customers for a period of time. This type of steady, regular, consistent contact helps remind people you are still around, as well as tell them about what you have to offer and any current updates such as sales your database should know about. You can usually use an auto-responder service to set up your drip marketing and to keep it going. (more…)

Is Using an Auto-Responder Beneficial for Your Email Marketing Platform?

Mobile Email Trends Demonstrate the Need for Cross Channel Marketing

A steady decline in the use of web based email services demonstrates a new emerging pattern in the growth and popularity of mobile based email. It seems mobile device users in general are responsible for this trend, but the hardest hitting impact comes from the younger subscribers, the up and coming generation of tech savvy consumers.

The numbers don’t lie, and the figures from just the past year show that people checking their email through mobile devices, as opposed to using the web, has increased 36%.

Studies have shown the likelihood of different age groups opting for mobile email versus the old standard web based email. The highest rate of a change in the market is the 25 to 34 year olds at an astonishing 60% likelihood of preference to go mobile.


Mobile Email Trends Demonstrate the Need for Cross Channel Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best new ways to promote your business, whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or a strictly online business. It is simple and quick to use, and it can help you reach an unprecedented number of potential customers while staying in touch with current customers.

Here are the seven best reasons to use email marketing for your business today:

1. It’s really easy! Setting up an email marketing campaign doesn’t take years or twenty-seven board meetings. It is simple to do, especially if you have a little bit of expert advice and direction from a professional web marketing company.

2. It draws more web traffic. Unlike a regular mail marketing campaign, which might only draw a little bit of traffic to your website, an email marketing strategy will draw tons of traffic. This is mainly because you can embed links to your site in emails; if people just have to easily click on a link to get to your site instead of booting up the computer and typing in a link, they’re more likely to visit your website. (more…)

7 Top Reasons to Use Email Marketing Campaigns

By Chris Auman

I believe in the power of permission marketing if it’s used properly. That should include properly setting up an double opt-in system, to effectively writing content that actually drives traffic. Part of our mission here at Sanctuary Marketing Group is to help you learn how to use email and permission marketing effectively and I’d like to start off the year by offering up 10 suggestions on how to improve your results. This is not a “best of” list or the final word on best practices, but a list of suggestions to jump-start your campaigns.

1) Improve your Opt-Ins – Converting Click to customers.

Before you focus on any other issue, you need to build a decent list of subscribers with the goal of converting those subscribers into customers. How you do this is the big question and one that we’ll spend a lot of time on in the future. But right out of the gates, you need to focus your efforts on creative ways to get highly qualified and targeted subscribers to sign-up – that have actually granted permission to receive your emails. The words “highly qualified” and “targeted” are key here because the last thing you want is a herd of freebie hunters scamming you out of your incentives – or worse – populating the list with addresses that you think are potential targets, just to find out that they could car less about your message or worse, they consider your efforts spam because you manually added their address to the list without their permission. (more…)

8 things that should improve your email marketing this year

By: Chris Auman
Editor: Dr. Soumitro Das

I believe in the power of email marketing software if it’s used properly. That should include everything from properly setting up a double opt-in system, to effectively writing content that actually drives website traffic. Part of the mission of my web development and marketing company here in Ohio is to provide a vehicle for effective email marketing and to show how to use email marketing effectively. I’d like to start off the year by offering sixteen suggestions on how to improve your results. This is not a “best of” list or the final word on email marketing best practices, but a list of suggestions to jump-start your campaigns.

1) Improve your Opt-Ins – Converting clicks to customers.

Before you focus on any other issue, you need to build a decent list of subscribers. The idea being to eventually convert those subscribers into customers. So, what to do?

Promote your email newsletter in all your print materials and other advertising venues.

Send out press releases about relevant aspects of your product or service and then encourage people to sign-up.

Work hard to provide effective sales copy. Volumes have been written on the art of persuasion – use them and model your message off the masters! (This is a great place to start reading)

Provide incentives for signing up, but don’t make the offer too big or extravagant. It needs to appeal to your target audience, not freebie-hunters who have no interest in your services.


16 ways to improve your email marketing this year