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Avoid duplicate content on ecommerce sitesDespite featuring thousands of products on your e-commerce site, the amount of traffic being driven to it may be downright abysmal. What gives? Odds are that a very simple issue is to blame: manufacturer-provided product descriptions. Sure, it’s nice to be given a file that includes all of the necessary information. It’s convenient to be able to import that information with a few clicks of the mouse button. However, without using unique product descriptions, your search engine optimization efforts will continue to fall flat.

The Problem with Manufacturer Product DescriptionsUsing manufacturer product descriptions seems to be the status quo, so it’s understandable if you think that using them is perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong, per se, with using them. After all, the majority of manufacturers these days willingly provide them, so it’s not like you’re doing something unethical. The problem is that Google takes exception to duplicate content, and that’s precisely what those generic product descriptions turn into when they’re included on an e-commerce site. Basically, Google gives top ranking to the original location of those descriptions – which is usually the manufacturer’s website – and hides most or all other results. Therefore, your products are very unlikely to attract visitors to your site, and that’s a big problem.


How to Avoid Duplicate Content on Your E-Commerce Site

So you want to sell products online? Well, let’s cut to the chase and tell you what you need to succeed.

e-commerce-website-developer1. Think “Strategy” First. Website and everything else second.

Getting started with e-commerce can be difficult enough, but without a strategy to promote your website and get your products in front of potential customers it’s definitely an exercise in futility. Ask yourself how people will find your products online and in search engines. If you’re just crossing your fingers and hoping that people just show up then you’ll probably be disappointed.

When developing an e-commerce site you need to focus not only on your website but on how it will be found in the search engines. It’s surprising how many people consider how the site functions and looks before they ask this question. E-Commerce marketing involves research, website optimization, proper coding, ongoing search engine optimization, conversion testing and promotion. Work with a company that is known for internet marketing first and e-commerce and design second. You’ll find yourself in a much better position with many more orders in your inbox. At Sanctuary Marketing Group our e-commerce solutions are optimized by experts, including world renowned SEO expert Arron Wall. (more…)

10 Keys to An Effective E-commerce Site

8 Elements of an effective E-Commerce website

As you may know, e-commerce is a big deal these days. According to comScore, $29.1bn was spent online in November and December, 4% more than the 2008 holiday season. The fastest growing e-commerce categories were jewelery and watches, and consumer electronics. According to a Motorola study 51% of shoppers overall and 64% from the 18 to 34 age group used their mobile phones for in-store shopping-related activities during the holiday season. This included comparing prices, finding user reviews, and making a purchase via mobile devices.

So now you’ve decided that it makes sense to take your own business online? That’s great. Here’s a few things we always consider when designing an effective e-commerce website. (more…)


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Custom e-commerce for Rino’s Woodworking