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Transforming Scott Sheldon’s Digital Presence: A Modern, High-Tech Revamp

Revamping the Brand Look and Feel

We undertook a comprehensive redesign to position the Scott Sheldon team as experts in their industry, emphasizing their strong relationship with Kinaxis. Our aim was to create a brand look and feel that is high-tech, edgy, and slightly irreverent, subtly reflecting their connection to Kinaxis without directly copying their colors. This refresh was essential in repositioning Scott Sheldon as a leader in the supply chain technology sector.

Enhancing Visual Elements

To enhance the visual impact and credibility of the Scott Sheldon brand, we introduced graphical elements showcasing quick company stats and achievements. These elements not only provide immediate visual interest but also build trust and authority with visitors, reinforcing the company’s industry expertise and accomplishments.

Developing a Kinaxis Pillar Page

A significant addition to the revamped site is the creation of a Kinaxis pillar page. This page serves as the foundation for our future content strategy, enabling us to build a robust collection of Kinaxis-related landing pages, blog posts, downloadable resources, and more. This strategic approach ensures that Scott Sheldon’s content remains organized, relevant, and valuable to their audience.

Expanding Site Features and Offerings

To support the company’s growth and expanding capabilities, we continually added new sections and features to the site. These enhancements include:

  • Case Studies: Showcasing real-world applications and success stories.
  • Additional Service Pages: Highlighting the breadth and depth of services offered.
  • Industry-Specific Content: Providing targeted information tailored to different sectors.
  • Downloadable Resources: Offering valuable content that visitors can access and use.


The result is a modern, high-tech website that aligns with Scott Sheldon’s cutting-edge services and industry status. The site is now more reliable, easier to manage, and better positioned to support the company’s growth and ongoing relationship with Kinaxis. Through thoughtful design, strategic content development, and continuous feature enhancements, we have successfully transformed Scott Sheldon’s digital presence, making it a powerful tool for engaging with clients and showcasing their expertise.