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Portage County Combined General Health District Website

Revitalizing the Portage County Combined General Health District Website: A Fresh and Accessible Approach

The Portage County Combined General Health District approached us with an outdated and difficult-to-manage website. As a governmental agency serving a broad and diverse user base, they needed a fresh yet "safe" design that would be inclusive and welcoming without appearing dull or sterile. Our goal was to create a website that reflected the community's welcoming nature while being functional and user-friendly.

Focus on User Experience (UX)

A primary focus was on streamlining the user experience to make the wide range of services and resources easily discoverable. We redesigned the site to simplify navigation, making it much easier for people to utilize the Health District's offerings. This involved creating a more intuitive layout and reorganizing content to ensure users can find the information they need quickly and effortlessly.

Enhanced Communication Tools

To improve communication, we integrated additional functionalities such as pop-ups, alert banners, and a news ticker. These tools provide the Health District with multiple ways to disseminate important information, such as health advisories and community news, ensuring that critical updates reach the community promptly.

Accessibility Improvements

Given the diverse audience, from young adults to senior citizens, it was essential to make the site accessible and easy to read. The old site had readability issues that made it challenging for many users. We addressed this by implementing accessibility best practices, such as larger fonts, clear headings, and a clean layout, ensuring that the website is usable for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Simplified Navigation

The previous website featured an extensive sidebar with various forms and resources, which, although valuable, were hard to navigate. We redistributed these assets into more intuitive categories, making them easier to find and use. This reorganization helps users access the necessary forms and resources without frustration.

Welcoming Design

To create an approachable and welcoming website, we carefully balanced the design elements to be both fresh and safe. The color scheme, typography, and imagery were chosen to be inclusive and friendly, reflecting the community's spirit. This design approach ensures that the site is engaging without compromising its professional and trustworthy appearance.


The revamped Portage County Combined General Health District website is now a modern, approachable, and highly functional platform that effectively serves the community. With a focus on user experience, enhanced communication tools, and improved accessibility, the new site makes it easy for users to find information and stay informed about health services and advisories. The fresh yet safe design ensures that the site is welcoming and inclusive, truly reflecting the community it serves. Through thoughtful redesign and strategic enhancements, we have transformed the Health District’s online presence into a valuable resource for all users.