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OrthoUnited Website

Uniting Orthopaedic Excellence Into a Holistic Digital Experience

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, Spectrum and OMNI Orthopaedics have been pillars of orthopaedic care in Northeast Ohio. Now, under the banner of OrthoUnited, these two esteemed practices have merged to redefine local orthopaedic care. The union marks a transformative moment, promising patients a seamless continuum of comprehensive orthopaedic services.

Technical Synergy

In orchestrating this merger, we approached it with finesse, leveraging the existing Spectrum website as the foundation. By doing so, we seamlessly integrated the respective identities and offerings of Spectrum and OMNI into a unified digital platform. This strategic decision not only optimized efficiency but also preserved the continuity of patient experience during the transition.

Enhanced User Experience

Central to our mission was crafting an intuitive and user-friendly digital experience for both current and prospective patients. Through meticulous planning and design, we merged the Spectrum and OMNI websites, consolidating information on doctors, services, and office locations into a cohesive interface. The result is a single, easy-to-navigate hub that empowers patients with seamless access to vital resources.

Unified Branding Rollout

To signify this transformative union, we orchestrated the rollout of updated and unified branding for OrthoUnited. This process involved blending the distinctive elements of Spectrum and OMNI’s identities into a harmonious whole. The refreshed branding not only reflects OrthoUnited's commitment to excellence but also signals a new era of innovation and collaboration in orthopaedic care.

High-Tech with a Compassionate Touch

OrthoUnited is more than just a merger of expertise; it represents a blend of high-tech advancements and compassionate care. We positioned OrthoUnited as a leader in advanced orthopaedics while emphasizing its role as a provider of compassionate, patient-centered care. This duality underscores OrthoUnited's commitment to both technological innovation and empathetic healing.

The Future of Orthopaedic Care

As OrthoUnited emerges as a unified force in orthopaedic medicine, it stands poised to elevate the standard of care in Northeast Ohio and beyond. With a shared vision of excellence and a commitment to patient well-being, OrthoUnited represents the future of orthopaedic care—a future built on unity, innovation, and compassion.