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ForeverLawn Website

Custom dealer locator map, modernized design, and streamlined functionality on the backend.

ForeverLawn is a leading supplier of premium synthetic grass. The company has experienced rapid growth since its start in 2002 and continues to grow with a rapidly expanding, national dealer network. They needed a new website to reflect their modernized brand that would allow for streamlined data entry and updates on the backend for various types of content, including job postings, team features, events, photos and videos, case studies and podcasts.

With a desire for a cleaner, more straightforward site, they wanted to eliminate many existing pages, which required extensive 301 redirect planning and mapping to help maintain SEO ranking and a smooth user experience.

  • Custom design and development
  • Modernized design to reflect ForeverLawn’s new brand identity
  • New dealer locator map
  • Streamlined backend functionality to ease data entry and updates
  • Dealer database
  • Dealer photo galleries
  • Careers database
  • Employees database
  • Events library
  • Video library
  • Podcast library

Tangible Results:

Increased users, sessions and goal completions post launch.

  • Increased users by 20.43%
  • Increased web sessions by 35.27%
  • Increased goal completions by 20.02%