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Canton Data Print Website

Elevating from Print Shop to Premier Marketing Solutions Provider

Since its inception in 1994 as a humble print shop offering mailing services, Canton Data Print (CDP) has grown exponentially over the past three decades. Today, CDP stands as a leading Marketing Solutions Provider, offering a wide array of services from full-service printing and complete mailing services to branded merchandise and much more. Our project focused on revamping their digital presence to reflect this impressive evolution.

Clean and Professional Design

The old CDP website was functional but bland, lacking the visual interest needed to capture the dynamic nature of their services. We introduced a clean and professional design that expanded the color palette, adding vibrancy while maintaining a polished look. This approach not only "jazzed up" the site but also ensured it remained professional and aligned with CDP’s brand identity.

Enhanced Project Management and Workflow

To improve the customer experience, we integrated easy project management and workflow tools. These enhancements allow customers to effortlessly upload files and manage their projects online, streamlining the process and making it more convenient for clients to collaborate with CDP.

Functional and Flexible Promotions

Another critical addition was the functionality for CDP to easily add new promotions to the site. This feature enables them to keep their offerings fresh and relevant, helping attract and retain customers with timely deals and updates.

Comprehensive Service Descriptions

We expanded and clearly articulated the descriptions of CDP's service offerings. Each service now has its own dedicated landing page, optimized for SEO. This structure not only improves search engine rankings but also provides potential customers with detailed information about what CDP can offer, making it easier for them to find and understand the services they need.

Brand Identity Elevation

One of our primary goals was to elevate CDP’s brand identity from a small print shop to a comprehensive marketing solutions provider. We worked closely with the CDP team to capture the exact messaging they wanted to convey, ensuring that the new site reflects their extensive capabilities and industry expertise.


The result is a modern, engaging, and highly functional website that truly represents CDP’s evolution and current standing as a premier marketing solutions provider. With a vibrant design, enhanced customer tools, and comprehensive service descriptions, the new CDP site is well-equipped to attract and serve a diverse clientele. By capturing the essence of their brand and leveraging authentic-feeling visuals, we have successfully transformed CDP’s online presence, making it a powerful platform for growth and customer engagement.