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Mobile Email Trends Demonstrate the Need for Cross Channel Marketing

A steady decline in the use of web based email services demonstrates a new emerging pattern in the growth and popularity of mobile based email. It seems mobile device users in general are responsible for this trend, but the hardest hitting impact comes from the younger subscribers, the up and coming generation of tech savvy consumers.

The numbers don’t lie, and the figures from just the past year show that people checking their email through mobile devices, as opposed to using the web, has increased 36%.

Studies have shown the likelihood of different age groups opting for mobile email versus the old standard web based email. The highest rate of a change in the market is the 25 to 34 year olds at an astonishing 60% likelihood of preference to go mobile.


Mobile Email Trends Demonstrate the Need for Cross Channel Marketing

Traditional attempts to lure in and track customers online works quite well for businesses based online, but can get a bit trickier for those brick and mortar stores or offline services. This has been what could be viewed as a flaw in the system of web analytics. The new approach to conversion rate optimization is to utilize phone call tracking to confirm that an internet marketing strategy is indeed effective.

Businesses not based online still receive up to 75% of potential clients, leads and business through phone calls. This method is also responsible for much of the important comments, can be a tool for answering consumer questions, as well as any other type of customer service a company may encounter.

Clients who use email for this type of communication are aware there may be some time in between first contact and a company’s response, but the same is not true of phone calls. By using the phone, customers or potential customers expect quick if not immediate response to their communication efforts. These are some of the reasons tracking phone calls is important for a business to improve and succeed.


Call Tracking Software: The Online-to-Offline Way to Track Inbound Leads

Target marketing advertisements based on location are responsible for an increase in store visits and revenue. Mobile users have shown response and support for these types of ads by physical presence and opening up their wallets. Social media channels and search engines have made it easier for mobile browsers to be targeted by ads within close proximity to their location. These potential customers have even been more likely and willing to offer up information about their location in order to find savings and storefronts in their area.

There’s an increasing trend to employ GPS technology in the apps that power our iPhones, iPads, & Androids. This can be a key differentiator in the internet marketing strategy for a local retailer. Smart phones that provide location-based apps are enabling users to track down stores, restaurants and other merchants, and the ads are helping them find deals. These apps are reported as being used daily, if not multiple times throughout the day. This, of course, increases the chances of users also clicking on a significant ad that relates to the users current location or future destination. The numbers demonstrate that as many as one-third of those using a location-based application on their phone, also responded to an ad relating to location. (more…)

Think Local – Using Location-Based Apps in Your Internet Marketing

Understanding the demographics of your target audience is key when developing your internet marketing strategy. One of the most valuable resources of information for understanding the market is to acquire information about people, but potential customers aren’t always willing to offer up this valuable data. Getting possible clients to share this data isn’t always easy, but with the popularity of today’s social and multi-channel networking there are ways to encourage and analyze data sharing, as well as study what is available for public view. The trick is understanding why people may, or may not, be willing to share content.

In fact, in some cases, social media users actually hope to have information they have shared broadcast beyond the scope of even their immediate friends and being ‘retweeted’ or ‘going viral’. Email is still the highest ranking method for sharing information but Facebook, the pinnacle of social networking, is rapidly gaining momentum and beginning to close the gap on email. One of the main reasons email is still the leader for swapping information, is the ability to save, organize and compile information.


Internet Marketing Strategy – The What and Why of Sharing Content

Maybe your company has been in a situation similar to this, and even if not it could be someday. You are limited in your staff and, of course, the budget with an enormous catalog of products to showcase using Pay Per Click Internet marketing strategies. It doesn’t seem possible to handle all of this effectively without risk of compromising the results or continue to grow and work smoothly and efficiently.

Before giving up completely or watching the entire project crash and burn, consider what hiring an Internet Marketing Expert can do and how, in one example, this method increased conversion by a staggering 400%. The goal, of course, is to increase returns on PPC efforts. Another main concern is scalability. The solution is surprisingly obvious, and that is outsourcing. Using a team of search engine marketing optimizers to handle the pay per click campaign means turning the work over to experts. This keeps the budget for advertising in check, as well as the potential to up the volume of PPC efforts. The bottom line is to find a way to work beyond just getting returns and devising a way to attract stellar returns.


Using Outsourcing Tools to Optimize Landing Pages and Increase Conversion

LookSmart, FindWhat.com, Mahalo, ChaCha, Business.com, Hoovers, MetaCafe, BOTW.org, Topix…. these are just some examples of what are called ‘Tier 2’ search engines.  Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t.  But they’re scrappy, they’re focused and they’re serving audiences you might just be missing if you’re only invested in Google.

There may well be niche advertising providers in your industry that give you a better return on investment (ROI) on your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns than you have been getting from Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft.

The landscape of search engine marketing changed last year when Yahoo! And Bing joined forces. If you aren’t aware, search results on Yahoo! are now provided by Microsoft’s Bing. And Yahoo!’s Search Marketing Platform has moved to Microsoft’s adCenter.

For most search engine marketers – those who use pay-per-click (PPC) or another form of advertising through the major search engines – that means the field is down from three to two.

Google is still by far the biggest player. And now that the merger of Yahoo! and Bing takes one advertising platform out of the picture, search marketers have a bit more free time on their hands to explore other venues for bringing new customers and revenues to their websites.

And sometimes, that new revenue can come with less investment.


Tier 2 Search Engines: Niche Marketing

In these days of ever changing technology and lightning fast communications, it is vitally important to stay ahead of your competition for the attention of every single customer.

Face it: No one is getting the bulk of their retail information from the television or the newspaper any longer. They get all of that from their computers and from their mobile phones.

Everyone needs to be able to reach out and connect with their customers whether they are going to shop online or come to a physical location.

In fact, stores that have physical locations might benefit the most from the following tips.


Seven New Marketing Ideas for the Local Retailer

Google is hungry. How do you consistently feed the beast?

The problem with content is that it has to continually be created or it becomes stale and boring, and no one will want to read it. For most companies it is not a lack of information that they face but a lack of the time to write it down or a lack of motivation to get their projects started. Having an editorial content plan can make the difference between having good, fresh and interesting content and facing down the procrastination demons or being stuck with either no copy at all or the boring stuff you have had for a while.

Content is king in the world of the successful online marketing campaign and an absolute must to get the benefits of search engine optimization. If you know that you are going to drag your feet because you are either overwhelmed by the size of the task at hand or you simply hate writing, this is the process that you need to take so that you are not only able to handle things better but so that you are never faced with a mountain of writing ever again.

Before getting to the process itself, think of this for a moment: Most people, when faced with a writing task have one or the other of these problems. Either they have nothing to say and stare, panicked at a blank page or they have tons to say and no time to write it down. This process can help with those issues as well.


How To Create Great Blog Content in 9 Simple Steps

These days, the question should not be whether or not you should be using social media marketing, but how much you should be using and how to make sure that it blends well with your existing marketing campaigns. Can you really afford to ignore the social media platforms?

Social Media Marketing Opens the Conversation

Advertisements are just messages that are crammed down our throat, blasted out over the airwaves to confront us wherever they may be found-leaving us little choice but to make our statements with our wallets and checkbooks. It’s a one-way, cram down your throat, force-fed messaging system  — shouting what a great buy their product or service is.

But, what if you only needed a minor change in things to make the ad acceptable or the product better?  What if you could engage potential and existing customers in a way that they came to you and asked for your advice?  What if you could learn how to better sell to them in the future? What if they helped you decide WHAT to sell (and at what price) — and the result was more effective marketing and a better bottom line?

Wouldn’t it be better to be able to reach your audience and have them be able to respond?

Social Media: Advertising vs. Customer Engagement

Facebook AdvertsingAmong social media networks, Facebook and, to a slightly lesser degree, Twitter are the kings. While it is true that there are countless other social networks, including smaller, niche sites that cater to special interests and have limited memberships, it is not every company that will want to advertise via those. Facebook advertising, on the other hand, can work for everyone in every industry and across every genre.

The Critical Factor

Brand recognition has been identified as the number one concern for those who are interested in advertising on Facebook, whether they are planning to do so locally or globally. If you are a local business, you might think that using Facebook may be a waste of your advertising budget, but you can be seriously loosing out on some very targeted ads that can be directed at the very people that you need to reach at a time when they may need you the most.

The Demographics

A quick glance at who is actually using Facebook and what they do while there may be all the enlightening that most marketers need. After all, there is no way to argue with the numbers when they include these facts:

  • There are 500 million active users on Facebook.
  • Half of those users log on to their Facebook account every single day, accounting for 700 billion minutes spent on the site every month.
  • The average Facebook user has around 130 friends.
  • There are 900 million individual objects to interact with on Facebook including community pages, groups, events and more. (more…)
Sanctuary Marketing Group’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Online marketing has continuously changed and evolved. The smart marketers are the ones who are able to keep up with what the market wants and needs as those changes arise. If you have not yet considered mobile marketing for your own business, it is time that you realize how gigantic that market is now and how much it will continue to grow as time goes on.employing mobile search for akron, cleveland ohio businesses

The Current Market

The typical person is using mobile devices for more than just making quick phone calls- they are updating Twitter, checking Facebook and looking up information. People should be seeing your business information and ads whenever they do any kind of search on their smartphone or internet enabled mobile device.


  • There are 234 million mobile subscribers
  • 42.7 of those subscribers are using a smartphone
  • Of the more than 300 million active users on Facebook, 65 million access the site from a smartphone. It is 25 million of the 125 million MySpace users.
  • The growth of mobile users across all social media platforms has been 187%.


Is It Time for Your Business To Include Mobile Marketing In It’s Online Marketing Strategy?