What makes us DIFFERENT?
We don't care about fluff -
we only care about results.

Our Differentiators

Stock, bland, generic… that’s not us.
From our approach to digital marketing to our experienced team, we exude a vibe that’s different from other digital marketing agencies. We’re real, we’re creative and we’re ready to help you grow.

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What Makes Us Different

Digital Specialists

Choose Sanctuary for world-class digital marketing, not for one-stop-shop marketing.

Measurable Results

You’ll see the value of our team’s marketing leadership demonstrated in simple, factual data presented regularly.

Local, Accessible People

Enjoy working with a team in your area, readily available for face-to-face planning sessions over lunch or a quick phone chat to answer questions.

Trusted Partners

Our experience, history and existing client relationships prove you can rely on the Sanctuary team to help grow your business.

End-to-End Marketing

Benefit from a full-funnel marketing approach carefully crafted to guide your customers through the entire buying journey.

Our Values

Our values are a critical part of our culture and our success. Below is a full listing of the values and beliefs that guide our business.

1. We are Sanctuary

We strive to do work, and work with people, we enjoy. We only take on work where we can truly make an impact. We celebrate our strengths and successes, and embrace our weaknesses and failures, together. We value health and family and believe that it will ultimately benefit our team and our company. We passionately embrace our values to ensure that we ARE SANCTUARY for our clients, our team and us as individuals.

2. We Return Results

We know that our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses. We pursue our clients’ goals as if they were our own. We are passionate about returning great value to our clients. We demonstrate our value by consistently presenting factual data. We believe that efficiency and eliminating waste are the keys to returning maximum value.

3. Always Be Honorable

We do the ‘right thing’ because our integrity is paramount. We’re transparent and share information openly and proactively. We’re responsible for our individual decisions. We’re humble and admit what we don’t know. We’re honest to a fault.

4. Strive for Excellence

What we do, we do well. We always strive to go beyond the status quo. We can always be relied upon. We are empowered to ‘plus’ the client experience. We believe that if you expect excellence, you’ll get it.

5. Use Sage Judgement

We make wise, well thought-out decisions. We approach our work by executing trust- ed, repeatable processes. We think strategically and can articulate what we need to succeed. We are ‘ok’ with failing knowing that we’ll ultimately learn and improve. We believe that ‘simple is good’ and simplicity is the soul of efficiency.

6. Be Curious

We believe that great ideas come from curiosity. We are always learning. We are broadly knowledgeable. We strive to think outside the box. We question everything.

7. Be Selfless

We trust that this is “our” work. Not “my” work. We collaborate and we leverage collective genius. We are egoless when seeking what is best for our clients and our team. We make time to help our clients and team members whenever possible. We are quick to admit mistakes.

8. Innovate

We are forward thinking. We challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches. We believe that we are all intensely creative. We are ‘ok’ with change because it leads to innovation and improvement. We seek perfection through process and continual improvement.

9. Have Boundless Courage

We take smart risks. We strive for candor and directness with everyone. We say what we think even if it’s controversial. We avoid planning-paralysis and aren’t afraid to ‘quit talking and begin doing.’ We fiercely challenge ideas and actions inconsistent with our values.

Our Process

We take a fresh approach to digital marketing.

When you partner with us, we’ll help you uncover all the opportunities for growth that will ultimately get you leads and help your business succeed. With carefully thought out campaigns, we can take your customers from just finding out about your brand to becoming a lifelong customers and advocates, and everywhere in between.



Your potential customer may or may not be aware they have a need for your product or service. In this phase, we make potential customers aware of your product and/or their need.



Your potential customer gets interested in finding a solution and begins to discover trends, products and brands.



Your potential customer evaluates specific products and services they discovered in the consideration phase and becomes willing to engage with sellers.



Your customer selects the product/service that can offer the most benefits and best meets their needs and makes a purchase.



Your customer is pleased with their purchase of your product or service and buys again or continues with your service.



Your customer has developed a strong attachment or bond to your brand, stays with your business for an extended period of time and is not interested in competitors.



Your customer has been loyal to your brand for an extended period of time and is now encouraging others to purchase. The customer is likely sharing experiences with your brand, leaving positive reviews and mentioning your brand on social media.

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