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Tire Source

To fuel the next level of their business’s growth, Tire Source needed to increase foot traffic and in-store appointments throughout their six Northeast Ohio locations.

Tire and auto repair is a highly competitive industry. With more and more vehicle owners comparison shopping and reading reviews online, an outstanding online presence was critical for Tire Source to own their market. Local search visibility and increased awareness of the brand and special promotions were central to their strategy.

SERVICES: Local business listings, social media advertising, conversion-based landing pages, social content, Google search and retargeting advertising, email marketing and SEO.

When two locally-respected businesses partner together, real results are a no-brainer, and results are high.


Optimizing for appointment requests

Tire Source stood out from other local tire and auto repair shops with their personal service, competitive pricing and cutting edge approach. But they thought there was greater opportunity in several of their locations than the number of customers that were coming through their doors. Getting the Tire Source name out there and encouraging potential customers to set up appointments with promotions were the primary ways to reach these locations showing opportunity for growth.

We started with improving Tire Source’s local online presence by optimizing and distributing business listings for each of their six locations. Then, we focused on increasing brand awareness through special promotions advertised on social media channels to draw new customers to the stores. At the same time, we developed paid search campaigns tailored to people actively searching for relevant services as well as retargeting for those who’d heard of Tire Source and were considering making an appointment. Every effort was focused on encouraging potential customers to request appointments.

Tactics that we employed:

  • Optimizing and distributing local business listings for six locations
  • Social media advertising to generate appointments through offers
  • Community building through social content and engagement
  • Targeted customers with intent to purchase with Google search ads
  • Nurtured potential customer considering Tire Source with retargeting ads
  • Email marketing to share monthly promotions
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With this strategic approach and close partnership, we: Increased in-store appointments by 129%. And we’re on pace to continue that trend.

Increased in-store appointments by