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Seal Master

Seal Master went from a content-thin website that did not accurately convey their brand, to a well-designed site that provides a superior customer experience.

Seal Master is a leading manufacturer of fabric-reinforced inflatable seals and bags that offer more durability and lasting structural integrity than other inflatable seals on the market. They are able to offer superior solutions thanks to their advanced technology and expert Design & Engineering team, but their old website did not do a good job of conveying how advanced and ahead of the curve they are in their industry.

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Organic website traffic increased by 107% year over year after our website redesign.


Seal Master’s mission is to solve problems with innovative engineered solutions, and they can customize an inflatable seal or bag for nearly any industry and application.

Because their capabilities are so extensive, it was important to showcase their expertise and wide range of projects they work on. Inflatable seals may seem quite small in relation to huge machinery or equipment, but they play a monumental role in their functionality, safety and durability.

Homepage Splash

Our new website design reflects the importance of the projects they are involved in by showing vibrant, crisp imagery of larger-than-life airplanes, cars, power plants and more. Once you scroll beyond the initial “wow” factor/main splash of the homepage, you start to understand the story that the Seal Master brand has to tell. Our continuous scroll design concept allows the user to easily move down the page through different sections and take in everything they need to see, with the option of clicking through to dedicated landing pages in each section.

Continuous Scroll

Designing a homepage that scrolls through different sections with buttons and callouts for each allows you to give a thorough overview of your offerings without overloading the user with too much information. Seal Master’s products are prominent, case studies are featured for context of their capabilities, and other resources are offered at the forefront as part of the story they are telling.

Website Strategy

Part of the process of our complete website overhaul was putting together a website strategy and new sitemap to set the project up for success. The new navigation is organized in a clear way with menu items like “Who We Are”, “What We Do”, and “Who We Serve” so that users can easily find what they’re looking for. We also considered the need for new content that wasn’t present on the old site, such as industry pages and case studies. These page templates were part of the redesign.

Better Design, Better Content

When you improve the overall user experience of a website, you naturally improve SEO as well by giving people the content they want to see. Seal Master’s new website saw a 107% increase in organic traffic compared to the old website.

Tactics that we employed

  • UX design
  • Content creation & optimization
  • Website development

With this strategic approach and true partnership, we:

Increased organic website traffic by: