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Hall, Kistler & Company

Hall, Kistler & Company needed to update their website to reflect their new approach to accounting and business consulting, while putting more of a focus on SEO and user experience.

Hall, Kistler & Company is one of the largest locally owned public accounting firms in the region serving local, national and international businesses. They’ve shifted and expanded their services over the years to provide not only audit and tax services, but also holistic business consulting services to position clients for success. Rooted in integrity and dedication to their clients, they needed their online presence to reflect that and turned to Sanctuary to develop a custom WordPress website.

SERVICES: Website definition, strategy and production, website design, WordPress website development, SEO, monthly reporting

The perfect partnership—two companies focused on client success and growth.


Building a WordPress website optimized for SEO and user experience

Hall, Kistler’s mission is to provide insightful expertise and advisory that is easy to understand and help you make the most of your money and assets. With a focus on simplicity for their clients, they were concerned that their website didn’t emulate what they were promising. A high bounce rate and users spending very little time on the site were major concerns for them, in addition to the lack of SEO value.

We worked closely with HK’s marketing manager to be sure that the new WordPress website we would go on to design and develop would meet their specific goals, such as giving users the option to connect with each of their partners. We implemented our website discovery process to get the whole team involved in researching various opportunities for improvement, keyword focuses, functionality, industry focuses, design trends of other accounting websites and much more.

We then moved into website production, which included optimizing existing copy, writing new SEO copy and creating a custom, mobile-friendly design. Website development, testing and launch are the next steps in our proven process. Because we were creating a new website to replace their existing one, we also implemented a detailed 301 redirect strategy to account for any pages that were removed or were designated a new URL.

Post-launch results in the first year were outstanding and continue to stay strong:

  • Sessions increased 209%
  • Pageviews increased 137%
  • Organic Search increased 263%

Tactics that we employed:

  • Website definition to explore opportunities and define the project
  • SEO
    • Keyphrase research
    • SEO copywriting
    • Sitemap
    • 301 redirect strategy from old site pages to new
    • Schema markup
  • WordPress website design
    • Custom, mobile-friendly design
  • WordPress website development
  • Extensive website testing

Additional Images and Our Results

Website Design Mobile Phone Hall Kistler

With this strategic approach and true partnership, we: Increased organic search traffic by 263% in the first year post-launch.

Increased organic search traffic by: