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Freedom Health

Pioneers in equine digestive health research and products, Freedom Health needed to raise awareness both of the issues and of their products.

Many caregivers don’t understand why digestive health care should be a priority in how they manage their horses. Plus, the digestive supplement market has exploded with competitors in recent years. Education of the issues (to establish the need) and of the products was essential to growing the Freedom Health business.

SERVICES: Website strategy and production, content creation, social media strategy, Google search and retargeting advertising, email marketing, tradeshow support, web application development and overall SEO efforts for the company and products.

9+ years

of trusted partnership (and counting)


Optimizing for awareness and credibility

Aurora, Ohio, based company Freedom Health LLC is dedicated to finding, perfecting, and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant digestive health issues in horses. Freedom Health is heavily involved in research, education, and awareness-building in addition to manufacturing several products. But, they realized they were up against consumers’ outdated beliefs and misunderstandings regarding horse health and care. They needed to engage with both horse owners and veterinarians to share perspectives on horse health and nutrition before their products could even be discussed.

Our initial approach with Freedom Health emphasized creating high quality, research-based content to provide education and increase credibility in the industry. This content was used to grow search presence and amplify important messages via social media and email. We also provided extensive support and integration with offline campaigns such as print advertising and tradeshows. We’ve raised awareness for the brand, products, and messaging through social content, advertising and advocacy programs, Google search and retargeting, and email drip campaigns. Much of these efforts drove to an email subscription so that we could continue education and engagement.

More recently, Freedom Health’s focus has shifted to the veterinary audience, and we’ve been working together to raise awareness in that market and generate vet leads for the FH sales team.

“We decided to work with Sanctuary because they seemed smart, made the effort to understand our business quickly and approached our business as part of our team to help achieve our goals. We continue to work with Sanctuary because they not only live up to those early impressions, but they continue to bring new ideas and approaches to the table, and they work with us to continually evolve and improve our online marketing efforts as our business evolves and as the online world around us evolves. The icing on the cake is the people—all top notch talents with great personalities and a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

VP of Marketing, Freedom Health, LLC

Tactics that we employed:

  • Strategic design and development of brand and product websites targeted to horse owner and veterinarians
  • Wrote hundreds of blog articles over the years on topics such as horse health education, sponsored athlete profiles and case studies for search engine optimization and marketing
  • Email marketing via monthly enewsletters and drip campaigns to foster continued engagement
  • Social media content creation, monitoring and responding to engage and educate
  • Social media advertising for creating product awareness and generating leads
  • Google search and retargeting advertising to raise product awareness
  • Evergreen webinar setup, administration and marketing to educate and generate leads
  • Tradeshow and event support
  • Web application development for training modules, horse health assessment and other online tools
Freedom Health Logo

Impacts on leads and closed sales. With this strategic approach and close partnership, we: Increased monthly website sessions by 3,300%. Grew email list to over 5,000 subscribers. And now we’re working hard to turn those interested people into sales leads.

Increased website sessions by