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It’s Time to Dust Off That Old FAQ Page for a Shot at Position Zero

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In the past, FAQ pages have been treated like a non-important essential—if that even makes sense. You know you should have an FAQ page (everyone does, right?), but you haven’t really put much time into making it something beyond a list of questions and answers.

Now that Google is displaying Featured Snippets at the very top of search results, and voice search is gaining in popularity, your FAQ page is key to higher visibility and an essential SEO strategy. If you’re trying to think back to the last time you’ve touched your FAQ page and can’t remember, don’t worry! There are steps you can take to optimize the page and help it rank higher in search.

Why Does My FAQ Page Matter?

Featured Snippets, which show up in what is being deemed as Google’s “position zero”, are selected search results that appear at the top of organic results and are aimed at directly answering a user’s question. Google searches content on the internet to find the article that best answers the question, and then displays a snippet from that article. These featured snippets are seen by users as the “ultimate” answer to their question.

Whether performing a traditional text search or a more on-the-go voice search, featured snippets are what pop up first in response to a user asking a question.

It would probably be beneficial to have your content show up in that prime spot, right? Absolutely. And the easiest place to start optimizing your content for featured snippets is the place where all your frequently asked questions are housed—your FAQ page!

How Can I Optimize My FAQ Page?

If you’re looking at your FAQ page and wondering what more you can do to make it effective, it’s helpful to run through an initial audit of the page. Touch on the following points in your audit:

  • Location – Is your FAQ page easy to locate? Or is it tucked down in the footer where no one will likely see it?
  • Relevance – Is your content outdated? When is the last time you’ve refreshed the answers on this page? It’s important to make sure your information is accurate before trying to improve it.
  • Media – An FAQ page that is straight text is not only boring, but probably not all that effective at answering questions. Consider adding in images and video where applicable to make your information even more clear and easy to understand.
  • Content – Beyond answering simple questions about your hours or location, be sure to include highly valuable information on your products or services that will gain traction in search results. Dive deeper into topics that your current and potential customers may think about during the buying process.
  • Design – Do you have to scroll on and on to get to the end of your FAQ page? Consider making the design of your page a little more user-friendly by adding in pagination, a sorting feature, or even just creating separate pages to link out to for more information.
  • Cross-Linking – In addition to creating a new page for each question and linking out to the answer, it’s also a good idea to cross-link to other pages on your website to increase traffic to those pages and provide the user with more information. If your information gets picked up for a featured snippet, this will help gain traffic to other pages on your site in addition to your FAQ page.
  • FAQPage Structured Data – You can add schema markup to any content that represents a question and its answer for a better chance of having a rich result displayed in search results. The great thing about the schema markup is that it can be used for content anywhere on your site where you have a question and answer, not just on your FAQ page.

Start Connecting Users with Better Answers to Their Questions

Once you’ve run through an initial audit to see how you can improve your FAQ page, start chipping away at the changes. If you’re not sure where to start or need help making some of the changes, reach out to us to see how we can help!

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