What is UX writing hero

Words That Work: How UX Writing Improves the User Experience

When discussing website design, “UX” is shorthand for user experience. For a UX designer, the task at hand is to enhance the experience that a…

Leverage AI for content creation

How to Leverage AI for Content Creation (Without Sounding Like a Robot)

While it is yet to be seen exactly how artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT change the digital landscape, we can say one thing for certain…


Why It Can Take Time to See Results with Digital Marketing

Everyone wants fast results. Whether it’s in business or anything else, it’s not fun to wait around to see your hard work start to pay…


B2B Content Creation Ideas

Content is the backbone of any quality digital marketing strategy. That is true for B2C companies, and it is just as true for B2B companies.…


Feature, Benefit, Feeling: A Framework for Improving PPC Ad Copywriting

There is simply no substitute for great PPC (pay-per-click) copy with Google Ads. Sure, you can do tons of keyword research, get to know your…


How to Create a Blog Content Calendar

Keeping up with a blog is a lot of work. When you first get started with your blog, you might underestimate just how much time…


How to Run a Content Audit and What to Take Away From It

Content is the lifeblood of a website. When you think about it, a website is little more than a collection of pieces of content that…

Downfalls of using ChatGPT in Marketing Content

The Downfall of Using ChatGPT for Marketing Content

It seems that you can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without running into a discussion about ChatGPT. You might even hear a reference…

Content marketing ROI

Content Marketing ROI

In the modern digital age, content marketing is among the leading ways to bring new customers and clients into your organization. That’s not a secret,…

Marketing automation tactics

Automation Tactics to Take Your Business to the Next Level

As a business owner or manager, you would be making a big mistake if you ignored the recent surge of viable automation tools hitting the…

Cold email outreach

Continuous Improvement of Cold Email Campaigns When Open Rate and CTR are Low

There’s incredible opportunity in cold email, but it’s a challenge nonetheless. It’s never easy to close sales when sending out messages to strangers cold. Will…

Outdated SEO tactics

Outdated SEO Practices You Shouldn’t Still Be Doing

The world of SEO changes fast. Tactics and techniques that work nicely one year can be completely outdated the next. In order to have success…

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Introduction to Competitor Keyword Analysis

Keywords are at the heart of search engine optimization. If you are trying to execute any kind of SEO strategy on your website, you’ll surely…

Short form video content

Short-Form Video Content Creation Ideas

It’s not breaking news that short-form video has taken over social media platforms. If you spend any time on social media for personal or professional…

Nuturing with email

How to Nurture Your Top Spending Customers via Email

The power of email marketing is no secret. If you have made it anywhere at all conducting business online, you’ve likely tapped into the potential…