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News & Tips 2-6-22

Hi Friends! We're here for you again this week with the latest marketing news and business growth tips to inspire!
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Hello and happy Sunday! The best part of waking up is… Well, that’s debatable these days for many people because many coffee drinkers around the world have moved on to new, and more exotic morning coffee and drinks.

Many of you likely have a hot cup in your hand right now. So, to inspire you today we wanted to share Folger’s new ad campaign that addresses their dated, “bad reputation” head-on with a bold, new campaign.

It’s just a reminder that sometimes the best way to beat the competition is to focus on why you’re different instead of why you’re better. And, who doesn’t love Joan Jett? Brilliant.



What you need to know:

LinkedIn Launches New Promotional Campaign Focused on the Evolving Professional Environment.

Instagram is officially testing Instagram Subscriptions.

TikTok Is Working on a New, Opt-In Function to Show You Who Viewed Your Profile.

Social media and how you can increase your share of voice. 

Spotify reported an increase in users and advertising revenue in Q4.

Facebook’s daily active users declined for the first time in the company’s history during Q4 2021.

Google Ads Tools to Help Boost Website Traffic.

Americans’ planned spending intentions do not seem to have changed much over the past few months.

Meta says that Apple’s privacy changes could cost them up to 10 billion.

The Metaverse will reshape digital marketing for years to come.


Episode 13 – How to measure social media success

The Academy - Podcast 13-large

Today on the Academy we’re talking about measuring the performance of your social media efforts. That starts with establishing why you want to be on social media in the first place, and ultimately what success means when you get there.

Determining which social media metrics to measure can be confusing and a bit overwhelming, and quite honestly hard to do. For many businesses, it’s hard enough to just do the work of posting and engaging on social media on a regular basis. The last thing most marketers and business owners have time for, is to actually figure out how to measure success.

From tracking the growth of your followers to knowing how well your posts are driving engagement, you might be wondering which social media metrics are the most important for your small business and where you can start.

We’re going to start off by giving you a little bit of advice about what our company did to develop a little bit of structure for our social media and to set some goals as to why we’re even going to do it in the first place. Then we’ll get into more specifics about how you can measure paid and organic social media efforts.

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Why Website Speed Matters

Find out why it’s so important to rankings and user experience to have a fast website, and also what you can do to pick up the pace on poor site speed.


It’s easy to overlook the importance of website speed. When working on a website project, the various pages of that site wind up in the cache on your machine—so they load rather quickly when you only make small changes or no changes at all. That isn’t the case for someone visiting your website for the first time, however. If the page loads slowly on their machine, that visitor might give up before your site even has a chance to load.

As you can guess from the title, this article is all about website speed. We’ll talk not only about why it’s so important to have a fast website, but also what you can do to pick up the pace on a site that is currently slow to load. Don’t be intimidated by the technical nature of this topic—we’ll keep our suggestions simple, so they can be implemented quickly and easily.

Read more about website speed


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