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Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 6-11-23

Hi Friends! We're here for you again this week with the latest marketing news and business growth tips to inspire!
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Forget “hot girl summer” — we’re advocating for “big budget summer” in which business owners take charge of and optimize their digital marketing budgets. Do you know what it truly takes to make a splash in your market? 

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“As a starting point, look at spending around 7% – 10% of annual revenues on digital marketing. This is a good ballpark range that will get you headed in the right direction. Calculate what that level of spending would look like based on your projected revenues for the coming year and then decide if you need to adjust it up or down based on budget constraints. If you are spending well under the 7% of annual revenue mark, you might not be investing enough to have a realistic chance to make a difference in your business.”


What you need to know:

  • Blocking the OG Blockers: YouTube experiments with blocking ad blockers amid declining ad revenue, pushing for more Premium subscriptions.
  • TikTok Teaches: The platform has announced some new additions to its ‘TikTok Academy’ learning resource, bringing the course total up to 17.
  • Mellow Since Musk: Many U.S. adults are taking a break from Twitter or are not likely to use it a year from now, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.
  • Buyer’s Journey in Turbo Mode: LinkedIn advises auto marketers on how to bridge the disconnect between interest and readiness to purchase using the platform.
  • Unskippable, Unlovable? YouTube will soon add 30-second unskippable ads to top-performing content watched on connected TVs. 
  • Insiders Only: Engagement with Facebook posts that contain external links has declined by almost half in recent months as users favor in-stream content.
  • The Platform That Never Sleeps: LinkedIn explains “always-on marketing” as a way to build brand awareness and stay top-of-mind.
  • The Young Make Marketers Restless: Legacy brands are aging down to reach Gen Z.


Google Maps and Waze Merge Unlocks New Advertising Opportunities in the App

Google recently announced that the teams behind Google Maps and Waze will be merging, but the apps will remain separate. Find out what this collaboration means for advertising opportunities in the mobile app.

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Ep. #69 – From Leads to Loyalty: Harnessing Content Marketing for Marketing, Sales, and Service (Part 3)

In this episode, we continue the content marketing conversation and discuss more of the foundational concepts and tactics that make up content marketing. It will help you not only market your business and attract new customers but sell more and ultimately ensure that your existing customers find success as well.



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Chris Auman is a veteran digital marketer with over 25 years of experience in the trenches. As Sanctuary’s founder and President, Chris has successfully guided online marketing efforts for companies large and small.

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