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Social Media 101

The presentation shares successful, trending Social Marketing Strategies to reach new customers, keep an eye on competitors trending events, and keep existing fans around much…

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Pinterest – What’s Pin Going On

For those of you that might not be aware of Pinterest, we think it’s time to get pinning on your board. In a snapshot, Pinterest…


Social Media Research: Know What Works

Social Media Research: Know What Works This is the third post in our series of understanding how Social Media works and how to tie it…

Know Your Social Media

Social Media Research: Know Thyself

This is the second post in our series on understanding how Social Media works and how to tie it into a Digital Marketing Strategy. The…

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing & Social Media Series

Digital Marketing and Social Media The world of Social Media has changed over the years. What has its roots in simply befriending someone or following…


Seven New Marketing Ideas for the Local Retailer

In these days of ever changing technology and lightning fast communications, it is vitally important to stay ahead of your competition for the attention of…


Social Media: Advertising vs. Customer Engagement

These days, the question should not be whether or not you should be using social media marketing, but how much you should be using and…


Sanctuary Marketing Group’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Among social media networks, Facebook and, to a slightly lesser degree, Twitter are the kings. While it is true that there are countless other social…


Is It Time for Your Business To Include Mobile Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing has continuously changed and evolved. Smart marketers are the ones who are able to keep up with what the market wants and needs…


Six Steps to Transform Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 90 Days

As business leaders, we're all working to increase sales. Given the confidence and a practical approach, we'll invest the time and resources on those activites…