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Is It Time for Your Business To Include Mobile Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing has continuously changed and evolved. Smart marketers are the ones who are able to keep up with what the market wants and needs as those changes arise. If you have not yet considered mobile marketing for your own business, it is time that you realize how gigantic that market is now and how much it will continue to grow as time goes on.employing mobile search for akron, cleveland ohio businesses

The Current Market

The typical person is using mobile devices for more than just making quick phone calls- they are updating Twitter, checking Facebook and looking up information. People should be seeing your business information and ads whenever they do any kind of search on their smartphone or internet-enabled mobile device.


  • There are 234 million mobile subscribers
  • 42.7 of those subscribers are using a smartphone
  • Of the more than 300 million active users on Facebook, 65 million access the site from a smartphone. It is 25 million of the 125 million MySpace users.
  • The growth of mobile users across all social media platforms has been 187%.

How Are You Missing Out?

As an online marketer, you know that you have to go to where the people are, giving them ads on the platform that actually reaches and speaks to them- if they won’t read your text or listen to your audio, why bother?

Consider this: every mobile user has the potential to be your customer at any given moment. Have you ever been out, heading for a favorite restaurant with your new girlfriend at your side when you find there is a three-hour wait or worse than the place has closed down? What now? Scurry home to check the yellow pages? Drive around aimlessly while your pretty date glares out the window?

In this situation, most mobile users pull out their devices and look up local restaurants, get the business information and even see ads for them- that can and should be you, right?

Get on Board With Free Tools:

  • Google Maps  (
  • Local PPC ads on your existing or new Google Adwords campaign (
  • Yahoo Local Business Listings (
  • Bing Local Business Listings  (
  • iAd Network (

Think of the number of mobile users that you could potentially be reaching- locals who need suggestions for entertainment, shopping or dining as well as travelers who are out of town and have no idea of where they are going in the area.

The Future Market

If you are still not sure that it is time for your business to start using mobile marketing in your digital marketing plans, consider these predictions.

  • One in two Americans will have a smartphone by the end of 2011.
  • The majority of all new internet users will access the web via smartphones rather than from a PC.
  • Mobile social networking revenue is expected to reach $60 billion by 2012.
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About Chris Auman:

Chris Auman is a veteran digital marketer with over 25 years of experience in the trenches. As Sanctuary’s founder and President, Chris has successfully guided online marketing efforts for companies large and small.

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