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Podcast Episode 33 – How building trust within your team can ultimately help you grow your business

Today on the Academy we’re going to be talking about how we can work together better as a team and how that can ultimately help you grow your business.
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Today on the Academy we’re going to be talking about how we can work together better as a team. We’ll be using Patrick Lencioni’s book The 5 dysfunctions of a team as a guide along the way.

How does this relate to business growth? Well, in my opinion, the success of your department or company as a whole comes down to having the right people who are able to work together to accomplish the company’s goals.

As a manager or leader, it’s extremely important to ensure that your team is continually working on this. It’s not enough to just say that you’ve hired good people. Success will only come if they’re able to perform at their best, together. So today let’s spend some time discussing ways to do just that.

At Sanctuary, our core mission as a company is to grow our clients’ businesses. This is what we come to work for and what we’re good at. But, in our first value when we say “We are Sanctuary”, we’re also equally trying to be a Sanctuary for our TEAM in many different ways too.

Bottom line: we all want to enjoy coming to work and working together as a team to accomplish our goals. Continually working to do this well and enjoying working together is an important goal within our culture. Continually finding ways to do this better helps all of us enjoy work more and it ultimately helps us achieve our most important missions as a company.

So how do you help your team work together better? It can be hard because the issues span everything from managing egos and challenging personalities on the surface, to dealing with deeply ingrained individual behaviors and even past traumas in people’s lives. The challenge of “working better together” is something that is not easily done and there is no quick fix. It’s something that teams need to be continually working on because the job will likely never be completely done.

There are many ways that you can work on this challenge. Good teams will provide ways to encourage communication and feedback and conversation. They may even have systems and processes that help teams to work together better like quarterly conversations with leadership and even educational events that help people to learn and explore new skills. Many companies even implement team-building activities throughout the year that are meant to strengthen relationships and build bonds.

All of these things are great and worthy of your time and the expense to the company. But in Patrick Lencioni’s book The 5 dysfunctions of a team, the path to becoming a high-functioning team has 5 major roadblocks and they all build on one another like a pyramid. No amount of feedback, education, or team building will do the job if the foundational issue is not addressed head-on. To solve all the dysfunctions, you need to start at the bottom of the pyramid with the most fundamental dysfunction that holds teams back – the absence of trust within your team.

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