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Podcast Episode 19 – How to successfully start a business or new endeavor (Part 2)

Today on the Academy we’re going to be taking another short break from business growth advice, and looking back to find inspiration and advice about how to "start" something great.

Today on the Academy we’re going to be taking another short break from business growth advice, and looking back to find inspiration and advice about how to “start” something great. This might be a new business. But it could also be a new product, division of your company, or even starting a new hobby or reaching a personal goal.

Running a successful company, year after year is his hard. But starting a company is where most people ultimately fail. Our company is now into its second decade of success and growth and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’re still learning on all fronts. But there is one area that we’ve successfully completed and that is how to start. Even for new initiatives, products, or just improvements for the better, we know how to quit talking, and to begin doing.

When you’re starting a business, quitting your job will likely not be your best path to success. What is more likely is that you’ll start something small and then take small steps forward until you’ve moved from nothing to something new and viable.

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, that usually begins with just making the decision to actually start. This is where most people actually fail because they say “I’ll do it tomorrow, or next week.” or “I need to wait for X to happen before I can do it”, or for whatever reason, they say “now is just not the right time.”Creating something successful starts with beginning to do something that’s important to you and something that you love. Or if it’s just making a change to move in a more positive direction in your life, nothing is going to happen if you don’t draw a line in the sand and just step forward and start.

But once you start, there are many more small steps that you need to take toward your goals. Let’s talk about a few here today.


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