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Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 12-03-23

Hi Friends! We're here for you again this week with the latest marketing news and business growth tips to inspire!
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Supply chain disruptions, shifting consumer behavior and the rising cost of living have all contributed to the perfect storm of inflation. Rising prices can be seen across many markets, including food, housing, consumer goods, and professional services. Businesses must do what they have to in order to stay profitable (or even just afloat) in the midst of a rocky economic state. 

If you have had to increase your prices, it’s important to effectively communicate the change to your customers. Keep reading for strategies to address price increases without losing your loyal customer base.

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Start with a good reason


What you need to know:

Performance vs. Purpose: Purpose-driven marketing is the answer, but only if you have a strong and unwavering brand identity. 

Down the Drain, Up the Chimney: Brands are wasting hundreds of millions in digital ad spend during the holiday season, according to a new analysis by CreativeX.

Wow Me: Next-level consumer experiences are in demand. Walmart’s shoppable rom-com is the perfect example of how to marry content with commerce.

When Social Reigns it Pours: According to data presented by, nearly 95% of all Internet users used social media platforms as of October 2023.

Stay on Topic: Google has recently unveiled a new follow function on its search platform, allowing users to stay informed on specific topics of interest.

Excuse Me, Attention Please: Advertisers are excited about attention metrics, which aim to quantify the quality of ad placements.

I Want My Jingle Back: The best place for nostalgic marketing to go viral? TikTok! Chili’s baby back ribs jingle is back, now sang by the iconic Boyz II Men.

Political Faux Pas: 53% of American adults said corporations shouldn’t involve themselves in political and/or cultural issues, according to Morning Consult’s “Election Playbook” for brands.


Beginner’s Guide to Creating Custom Reports and Dashboards in GA4

Google Analytics 4 provides ample insight into your business without any customization. You can use it right out of the box and get information that will help you make better SEO and PPC decisions. However, the value is in creating custom reports tailored to your goals.

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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Business Account

Instagram can help you reach many tangible goals including new customer acquisition. But it could equally help you achieve many intangible brand and culture goals as well. Explore the ins and outs of an Instagram business profile to get started.

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