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Does Your Website Generate Leads?

A successful business website is one that actively generates leads on an ongoing basis. To ensure that this happens, you need to assess the effectiveness of your current site. Is the website design up to date? Does every page prominently display the contact information for your business? Are you encouraging prospective customers to get in touch with you?

Bringing in New Leads
If your website comes up short during your assessment, you need to figure out what’s missing. Design is, of course, a big part of website effectiveness. A generic template with no unique features isn’t going to make people want to stick around. As you work to update your site, keep these other important factors in mind.

Know Your Target
Your website will lack direction without a clearly defined audience. Know who you’re selling to and how your business can fill their needs. Great web design is about leading them to answers that address their problems and showing the benefits they’ll get from working with your company.

Make your content fresh and interesting by combining text, pictures, videos and other elements relevant to your industry. Blogging on a consistent schedule keeps content fresh, attracts new visitors and encourages social sharing that brings your business message to a wider audience. The key is to focus on quality and deliver something of value to visitors.

Calls to Action
Once you’ve brought people to your site, you need them to actually do something. That’s where a call to action comes in. Create clear, concise forms with highly visual elements such as buttons and banners that encourage visitors to sign up for something, request a quote or otherwise get in touch with your business. Define the goal that you want people to reach and craft your calls to action to lead them to that goal.

Some people need a little more encouragement to follow through on a call to action. Offer something in return for their participation such as a free eBook, a downloadable white paper or a discount on their first purchase. Include testimonials throughout your website to show how others have benefitted from what your business offers.

Tracking Leads
Doing all of this work to generate leads won’t amount to much if you don’t track how everything is working. Don’t just count the number of leads that come in—find out where they’re coming from, what pages people are visiting most often and how many visits actually translate into actions. Note which types of content bring in the most prospects and focus your marketing efforts around those.

Juggling all of these aspects of your website can be difficult, especially in the midst of trying to run a business. If you need help getting started or want to improve your existing site to generate more leads, contact Sanctuary Media. A free online marketing assessment will give Sanctuary the necessary information to take your website to the next level and increase customer engagement to give your business the boost you’ve been looking for.

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kelly Brown
About Kelly Brown:

Kelly Brown has 25+ years of experience leading entrepreneurial organizations. As Managing Partner and CEO of Sanctuary, Kelly has had the opportunity to serve a leadership role in every functional division of the organization.

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